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Natural skin care products by Wildcrafted Herbal Products

Wildcrafted Herbal Products - Therapeutic

Natural Skin Care Products by Wildcrafted Herbal Products


The use of medicinal plants to maintain and regain health is as old as human-kind. Herbal medicines help support the body's innate healing abilities by supplying nutrients and other phyto-chemicals that the body can utilize as needs dictate.

Herbal medicine has come a long way in the past 20-30 years and has attracted a great deal of scientific research in order to understand how and why botanical medicines work.

Wildcrafted's therapeutic / herbal products are based on well known and effective herbal combinations containing TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) registered herbal extracts and tinctures that have been manufactured according to Pharmacopoeia specifications.

Wildcrafted Therapeutic Products are formulated and blended by qualified and experienced Herbalists and can only be supplied following a free VIRTUAL CONSULTATION.
Just fill in the form and click the submit button and we will attend to your enquiry as soon as we can.

Wildcrafted Herbal Products - Therapeutics




Therapeutic Products from Wildcrafted Herbal Products

Over many years Wildcrafted Herbal Products have developed a range of herbal compounds and creams suitable to treat a wide variety of disorders. These have been tried and tested over decades of clinical practice and are of the very highest quality.     

Formulated originally in the early 1980's by Wildcrafted's medical herbalist, Susan Siegenthaler, these formulae have been continually developed and have stood the test of time, treating literally thousands of patients.      

Below is a brief overview of some of the compounds available and their principle indications.

Therapeutic Compounds for Internal Use:

Below is a current list of Therapeutic compounds made by Wildcrafted Herbal Products. We have included a very brief description, however, these compounds can be modified to specifically target particular problems or disorders. You will need to complete the Virtual Herbalist form in order for our medical herbalist to provide you with the best possible formulation.

If you can not see a product that 'fits' you specifically, just use the Virtual Herbalist and our medical herbalist will contact you and discuss your particular needs before formulating a herbal compound for you.

Alterative Compound
A combination of herbs aimed at cleansing the blood by stimulating the organs of elimination, namely the bowels, kidneys and skin to better function. It is especially effective in skin conditions like acne, boils, carbuncles, styes and impetigo, and to cleanse the system after infections and the use of anibiotics.

Eye Bath Formula
To relieve sore and tired eyes, itchy and gritty eyes, and as an antiseptic against conjunctivitis, styes and to heal injuries to the eyes.

Ear Drops Formula
To ease the pain and irritation of ear-ache associated with teething, post chicken pox and measles, influenza or infection of the ear. These drops can be used safely as a support treatment, but it is advised that all ear problems be seen by a qualified health professional.

Children's Cough Compound
To ease sore throat, irritating cough and to aid in the removal of excessive mucous from the respiratory tract. This compound is specially formulated for use with confidence and safety in babies and children to 12 years of age.

Adult's Cough Compound
To ease sore throat, irritating cough and to aid in the removal of excessive mucous from the respiratory tract.

Mouth Wash
This preparation can be used both medicinally in the treatment of mouth ulcers, gum boils, abscesses and other gum problems and also as a preventative of these conditions and to freshen the mouth

Sleeping & Nervine Compound
To relieve anxiety, nervous tension, sleeplessness or nervousness due to excessive stimulation and excitement.

Sinusitis Compound
To relieve the symptoms of sinusitis, hay fever, runny nose, allergic rhinitis, post-nasal drip and fullness in the head due to sinus infection or head cold.

Baby's Soothing Syrup
For digestive upset in babies and infants from birth through to weaning and teething. The soothing syrup can be used in cases of infantile colic and in the fretfulness which often accompanies teething.

Female Compound
This compound is for the cramping and pain often experienced during menstruation. it tonifies and strengthens the female reproductive organs and prevents spasm which causes pain and cramping.

Liver Compound
This compound will help rejuvenate and strengthen liver function. It can be taken to aid recovery of the liver after hepatitis, glandular fever, blood disorders and can be taken at the end of winter as a spring tonic, prior to fasting or just for a clean out.

Therapeutic Creams for External Use:

Our therapeutic creams are based on the same principles as the therapeutic compounds. Wildcrafted Herbal Products' herbalist, Susan Siegenthaler has designed these creams over many years and used them in her private practice. They have not only been used by her patients, but many orthodox medical practitioners have regularly ordered these products form her for their own patients.

  • Arnica Cream
  • Analgeze Cream
  • Healing Cream
  • Comfrey Cream
  • Witch Hazel & Stone Root Cream

How can pre-formulated compounds work specifically on your Disease?

This is a question patients have often asked, and rightfully so - how indeed can a pre-formulated herbal compound fix an individual's health problem?

The answer is really quite simple. The human body can be viewed as a combination of different interactive systems, such as:

  • The Skin (Dermatological Systen),
  • Circulatory System, 
  • Digestive System, 
  • Cardiovascular System, 
  • Uro-genital System, 
  • Reproductive System.
  • Respiratory System, 
  • Immune System, 
  • Nervous System etc.

Medicinal herbs generally are effective in treating one or more of these systems and are in some cases specific for particular conditions or diseases. However, most organs have a particular set of functions and these functions, when diseased, will cause a variety of problems depending on a patients overall health and the health of other systems.

So, for example - the Lung is primarily involved with gas exchange into / out of the blood stream. The Lungs are lined with a mucous membrane which protects the delicate surface of the lung tissue and helps in removing inhaled particles which do not belong in the lungs.

The most likely problem with Lung disease is some form of inflammation of the lungs, excessive mucous production, constriction of air pathways into/out of the lungs. Several herbs have specific actions on the Lung's functions - that is, they do not work on Liver problems, but do work across a very wide range of Lung problems.

Therefore, using 2 or 3 herbs in a Herbal Respiratory Compound can not only address a Chest Cold, but also Bronchitis, some forms of Asthma, and other lung condition. Our therapeutic compouns have been formulated to target these organ systems in a general way - often the basic herbal formula is all that's required to treat a particular disorder, however, each of our therapeutic compounds, following a Virtual Herbalist consultation, can easily be customized to treat very specific individual conditions and can be taylor made for just about any disorder commonly seen by health professionals.

How Does The Virtual Herbalist Work?

In order to allow customisation of our herbal products, we have provided the Virtual Herbalist, free of charge.
The Virtual Herbalist is a form which you fill in (the more detail you provide he better) and submit. The form is then analysed by our medical herbalist and one of the following will happen:

  1. Our medical herbalists will confidentially assess your submission and make recommendations based on the information you provide. Or they will ask you for more information.

  2. You will be contacted by email or phone to advise you of the details and provide you with answeres to any questions you may have.

  3. You will then receive an email, which will suggest a Therapeutic Compound to you, provide you with a price and ordering details.

Botanicals Index:
A complete list of all medicinal herbs used in Wildcrafted's Therapeutic Compounds and Creams

Please note our Therapeutic Products are only available on-line via the Virtual Herbalist.

Under Australian Law (Therapeutic Goods Administration), we cannot sell therapeutic compounds for specific disorders without a consultation.

This is what the Virtual Herbalist is designed to do and you can in all confidence use the form to contact us.

Your information is not used in any way other than to provide you with specific health advice.

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Wildcrafted's Herbal Creams

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Analgeze Cream

Analgeze Cream

Comfrey Plus Cream

Analgeze Cream

Arnica Cream

Analgeze Cream

Antiseptic Cream

Analgeze Cream

Antifungal Cream

Analgeze Cream

Healing Cream

Analgeze Cream

Calendula Cream

Analgeze Cream

Res-Q Cream

Analgeze Cream

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