Why Choose Natural Skin Care Products from Wildcrafted Herbal Products?

Natural skin care products by Wildcrafted Herbal Products


Your Natural Skin & Personal Care Solution

Natural skin care products by Wildcrafted Herbal Products

Why You Should Choose Holistically-Natural Skin Care Products from
Wildcrafted Herbal Products

Natural Skin Care Products by Wildcrafted Herbal Products


What makes the Holistically-natural skin care products from Wildcrafted Herbal Products so different? Why should you choose them rather than another brand?

What you will receive when purchasing natural skin or personal care products from Wildcrafted, are products that are:

Safe: All your products only contain 100% natural and wherever possible certified organic ingredients. They are carefully formulated not to contain any potentially harmful or toxic chemicals, natural or otherwise.

Effective: The products you buy contain herbs, essential oils and other natural ingredients that have stood the test of time and proven their effectiveness. Our medical herbalist formulates all our products based on the principles of herbal medicine so you know the product you choose will do what it is designed for.

Quality: The ingredients in your products have been carefully screened through scientific testing by our suppliers in the first instance, and Wildcrafted's formulation and quality control team further evaluates these ingredients to ad an additional level of screening for quality of ingredients.

Fresh: All our products are handmade in small batches to ensure freshness and quality of our products. Rarely will products received by you be older than a few weeks since manufacture.

Australian Owned: Wildcrafted Herbal Products Pty Ltd is an Australian owned and operated company. You  may or may not have heard of Wildcrafted Herbal Products and let's face it there are a lot of companies that make high quality natural skin care products out there, but Wildcrafted Herbal Products has been making natural skin care, personal care and herbal products for over 20 years and our products are used by people all over the world. 

Value for money: Wildcrafted Herbal Products are not the cheapest natural skin care range available, however they have proven time and time again to exceed their value with impressive results.

No Animal Testing: None of our products have ever or will ever be tested on Animals.

Why you should choose Wildcrafted Herbal Products to take care of your Skin



Here are some additional reasons why we believe
You should choose Wildcrafted's Holistically Natural Skin Care Products To Take Care of Your Skin.

     Since Wildcrafted Herbal Products were first established in 1985, we have adopted the attitude that if an ingredient is not of the highest possible quality available, we will not use it in our products. The range of products was developed initially exclusively for our patients and therefore only be best was good enough. This philosophy has remained the same for over 20 years and continues to this day.

     Wildcrafted Herbal Products are simply great value for money, because all our products are highly concentrated and last a long time. Our products are not the cheapest natural skin care range available, however they have proven time and time again to exceed their value with impressive results.

     All our products are formulated by Susan Siegenthaler, the founder of Wildcrafted Herbal Products. Susan is Wildcrafted's in-house master medical herbalist and Aromatherapist. That means, all our products have been specifically formulated and dosed to give you the results you want. In dosing our products, we utilize therapeutic quality and quantities for each of the ingredients. That means you will get results

The Holistic Approach to Natural Skin Care
      The skin care industry is competitive and many companies add the latest ingredient to their products to be seen to have adopted the latest findings and newest ingredient. These ingredients may be natural and are often promoted as such, however, they are isolated, concentrated and as a result often couse side effects.

     Wildcrafted Herbal Products only uses wholesome ingredients, we do not use isolated concentrats in our skin care or body care products. Instead Wildcrafted uses medicinal grade therapeutic herbal extracts and essential oils that have been extracted according to naturopathic principles and follow naturopathic philosophy.

     This results in no adverse reactions, very few allergic reactions and most importantly - long lasting results.

Developed for results
     Unlike many skin care companies, Wildcrafted Herbal Products developed not from a desire to sell skin care or herbal products to consumers in retail stores, but grew from a need to design and formulate products specifically for our patients to treat particular skin problems or other health concerns. The same philosophy has been carried on into the range of products we have now made available to the public - that is you.

     So when you choose to buy holistically-natural skin care products from Wildcrafted Herbal Products you are not buying a skin care product designed for mass distribution. All our products are hand made in small batches so they are fresh when you buy them they have not been standing in warehouses for years.

     Wildcrafted Herbal Products have been designed to help our patients with products that we could not buy from suppliers and simply stock in our clinic's dispensary, because they were simply not available in the market place.

     There is a big difference between having a product manufactured for retail sales and products that have grown from a need to help patients with skin and other health problems. The products you buy from Wildcrafted are the same products we hand blend for our patients.

     You will find that when you first start to use our skin or personal care products you will overestimated the amount you actually need for the first few days until you get used to the fact that our products do go further then what you are used to.

Ecological and Environmental Considerations
     By using Wildcrafted Herbal Products you are supporting the environment and are helping to minimize environmental impacts as we do not use unnecessary packaging like fancy cardboard boxes, nor do we use plants that are wild harvested, as many herbs are becoming threatened and even endangered from over-harvesting in the wild.
     In addition, we use glass bottles and jars, where ever possible, so you can use them again and again. This not only keeps the cost of the products lower, but it allows us to invest in research and development of our products.

100% Money Back Guarantee
     We are so confident of our range of skin and personal care products that we offer a 100%, 90 Day money back guarantee. So how can you lose? The products work, they are great value for money, they have been hand made with patients in mind rather than consumers of popular, fashionable labels, and they carry a very generous guarantee. - And maybe most important of all, they have been designed with care and love by Susan for the benefit of her patients.

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Feel Free to read some of the Testimonials
we have received from some of our customers

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Here is just one Testimonial from a customer:

Dear Susan,

I have used your Natural Skin Care System for oily skin now for about 2 months and thought you would like to know that your advice and recommendation not only worked, but is also very much appreciated.

As you know, my skin has been oily all my adult life and I have used just about everything I could get my hands on to reduce the oiliness – some worked better than others and these were usually very expensive.

Over the past 6 weeks or so, I have started to see a big difference in my skin. I get less pimples and the shininess of my skin is getting less. My skin looks and feels much healthier.

Great products

Sincerely yours,


Brisbane, QLD Australia

- - - -

Age Defying Essence

Anti-aging product image

The Age Defying Essence is part of our Anti-aging System. It can be used  separately or as part of a whole systematic approach to aid in preventing premature aging of your skin.

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