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Natural Skin Care Products by Wildcrafted Herbal Products


What is your Skin Type? Do you have an oily, normal, dry, sensitive or combination skin type? Find out so you can choose the right natural skin care products for your skin type(s). Most people do not know what their skin type or skin types are. Yes, most people have more than one skin type. Often combination skin types are primarily noticeable on the face in the so called "T-Zone". This T-Zone often has a different skin type to that of your cheeks and neck.

This page will allow you to identify what your skin type(s) is and whether you have a combination of skin types.

Don't Know Your Skin Type?




Choosing Your Skin Type

The best way to get the most out of your natural skin care products is to choose them on the basis of your skin type.

There are four basic skin types: oily, normal, dry and sensitive. When it comes to the skin of the face and neck, most people have a combination of two or more of these, so when choosing your skin care products consider how each product is going to affect your skin.

How to identify your skin type


Normal / Dry

Normal / Oily


Pore size


enlarged, especially on nose and chin




occasional or often

occasionally. Tends to rashes and reacts often

Excess oil


develops an oily sheen throughout the day

seldom a problem

Sun sensitivity

seldom burns or readily burns

tans easily and generally does not burn

readily burns and becomes inflamed


taut, flaky

soft and supple

red, irritated, flaky and itchy


many around mouth and eyes




What Products Are Suitable For Your Skin Type?

Normal Skin Type

Some fortunate people have a totally normal skin type - but these are rare! A normal skin type will not suffer from excessive oiliness or dryness, does not have blemishes or sensitivity rashes and tends not to form lines or wrinkle easily. Despite these advantages, normal skin types can still benefit from a good skin care regime to protect it from harmful environmental factors and to preserve normal skin function.

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Products suitable for oily skin types are:

Oily Skin Type

Oily skin has an advantage over dry and sensitive skin types, in that it tends not to wrinkle as easily, but it does tend to develop clogged pores, blackheads, blemishes and acne problems. For these reasons people with oily skin should carefully cleanse the skin morning and night, taking care not to dry the skin out.

People with oily skin types often avoid moisturisers and use alcohol based toners as drying agents, thinking that moisturising makes the oiliness worse and a drying toner is needed to control the excessive oil secretion.

Nothing could be further from the truth! Most oily skins will be stimulated to produce more oil when they are excessively dried out and alcohol based toners are a no-no!. In addition, use of a moisturiser specially formulated for the oily skin type helps to control the excessive oil secretion.

Products suitable for oily skin types are:

Dry Skin Type

Dry skin types need a lot of hydrating and moisturising to protect them from damage, so the cleansers, toners and moisturisers used on dry skin should all be aimed at softening and hydrating. Night creams are also very beneficial for dry skins as they nourish and repair the skin while the body is resting.

Products suitable for dry skin types are:


Sensitive Skin Type

Sensitive skins are often found in fair complexioned people and those who have a tendency to develop allergies. A sensitive skin needs extra care and should never be exposed to harsh or harmful chemicals. A gentle skin care regime, utilising products that calm and soothe the skin are recommended for this type of skin.

Combination Skin Type

Some people have an oily and dry skin combination, where there is an area of oily skin across the forehead and down the nose and chin (the T-Zone) with dry cheeks. In this case, the skin type is a combination dry and oily skin and it would be advisable to use a dry skin moisturiser on the cheeks and an oily skin moisturiser on the T-Zone.

A common combination skin is normal and oily in which the oily T-Zone is present and the cheek area is normal or normal and dry in which the T-Zone is normal and the cheeks and neck areas are dry.

A combination dry and sensitive skin type is often found in people who suffer from skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema. This skin type requires hydrating, softening, calming and moisturising products that are formulated to promote repair and restore normal skin function.


Changing Skin Types

The skin changes, not only as we age, but also with the seasons and in response to the level of health you are experiencing at a given time. Natural events like pregnancy, breast-feeding and illness can change the way your skin responds and your basic skin type. It is good to become aware of your skin's health patterns and how it changes from season to season so you can re-evaluate your skin's needs and vary your skin care regime accordingly.

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Natural Facial Cleansers

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Facial Skin Toners

Wildcrafted Herbal Products make Toners specific for your skin type. They are designed to tone and invigorate the skin before using your moisturiser.

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Moisturisers nourish, hydrate and help to repair your skin. Wildcrafted Herbal Products have moisturisers for all skin types.

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Age Defying Essence

The Age Defying Essence is part of our Anti-aging System. It can be used  separately or as part of a whole systematic approach to aid in preventing premature aging of your skin.

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