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Customer Testimonials

At Wildcrafted Herbal Products we consider ourselves fortunate, because we receive so much positive feedback about our range of natural products from customers all over the World.The Testimonials we have reprinted below are unsolicited and have been reproduced as we received them, omitting personal details and comments.We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who have sent us feedback and over time, we will endeavour to reproduce all the kind letters and emails we have received from our valued customers.
Testimonials from Wildcrafted Herbal Products Customers










Hi guys,

..... I'm still enjoying the wonder of your products. Everybody that hasn't seen me for a while, has made comments about my skin..."how youthful and glowing your skin looks"... I can't even begin to tell you, how pleased and content I am with the products. I even stop using make-up on daily basis!...
I have recommended the products to anybody that has inquired about my new skin....

I'm enjoying them very much!

Yours in Health,



Dear Susan & Danny,

About a month ago, I received my skin care system (normal to dry)...I'm very pleased with the products, they're simply wonderful!!...I noticed change in my skin the very first week!..I'm also enjoying the newsletters, they are very informative. I'm definitely ordering more products!!

Thank you for caring and creating such a magnificent products!!

"Nothing can replaced the power of Nature but nature itself "

Connecticut, USA


Dear Danny and Susan,

Hydrating CleanserJust wanted to express my absolute delight with your Hydrating Cleanser. I've never experienced a product like that before. It's absolutely wonderful. I didn't expect to see my sking the way it is now, and the only thing I can really attribute it to is the use of your product.

I am overseas right now, away from my home base in Toronto, but I will be ordering more soon, to have some when I arrive in Toronto.

Thank you again very much and look forward to continuing to use your products.


Toronto, Canada


Hi Danny and Sue,

I do really like the new shampoo and conditioner. For curly hair that sometimes looks frizzy - it has been cured.

Thank you very much

NSW, Australia


Hi Danny & Susan,

I received your products last Friday (option 2 for dry/sensitive skin). I am already 'over the moon' at how they have benefitted my skin. It feels so deeply clean and hydrated, instead of feeling stripped, dry & dehydrated. I have spent many years & dollars searching for products to assist my various skin problems. Only finding cleansers that dry my skin & moisturisers / oils that sit on the surface & clog my pores. I can honestly say that although it has only been 1 week, I can already tell that your products are working. Thankyou for making these wonderful products available to the world. I can see that an immense amount of effort has gone into your research towards them.

Congratulations on such a great service!

Kind Regards,

Heather A.


Dear Susan and Danny,

I am desperate for some more Wildcrafted Products! So I have enclosed an order and a cheque.Rose Day Creme Image

The Rose Day Creme is the perfect moisturiser for my skin (my daughter and sister are also using it as well). It keeps my skin moist and soft and massages in really well not just sitting on the surface like some creams. My skin looks dewy and youthful so I think I am on a winner here.

I like the Age Defying Essence especially on my forehead and nose (under makeyup). It has helped with the appearance, making the coarser skin smoother and more refined. (I was always conscious that the middle section 'The T-Zone" looked different to the skin on the cheeks but now, after using this for a short time, it is nowhere near as noticable).

Gentle Eye and Lip Creme ImageInitially I used the Gentle Eye & Lip Creme only for my lips, which worked beautifully but it wasn't until I developed a rash on the eyelids from an over strong treatment shampoo given to me by my heairdresser, that I decided to use it around the eye area as well. Prior to using it, I tried several other reasonably safe products to heal the rash, but it kept getting red and angry. The Wildcrafted Eye & Lip cream softened and soothed the skin around my eyes and the redness disappeard! So I will order some more for myself, as well as one for my daughter.

Thanks Susan and Danny.

Yours faithfully

Barbara H.

Latham, ACT, Australia


Hi Danny,

My products arrived last week and I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with them. As soon as I tried them it was like my skin let out a sigh of relief. There was no itchiness or stinging and the redness had started to subside within a few hours. The rose day cream feels so soothing on my skin it's wonderful. My skin still feels tight sometimes particularly around my eyes and when I wake in the morning my face feels dry. I find that I have to put the moisturiser on several times throughout the day. Are there any other products you could recommend I try to alleviate this. Maybe something richer for night time. On the whole though I am extremely happy with the products and will continue to use them. I feel that I can finally manage my sensitive skin.

Again thank you so much for the advice you gave me in emails and on the phone. It's nice to talk to someone who understands.

Di C.

Perth, WA, Australia


Age Defying Essence ImageDear Wildcrafted,

Just thought I'd let you know about something you may not know about your Age Defying Essence product.

A couple of weeks ago we bought a new kitten (No I didn't use it on the kitten to get rid of wrinkles). This kitten, like all kittens is very playful and is not in control of its claws – so in playing with ‘Smoky’ the back of my hands got very badly scratched. Well, at night when using the Age Defying Essence on my face, I use a bit too much of the product and rubbed the excess into the back of my hands.

To my complete and utter amazement, the redness along side the scratches seemed to almost disappear in what seemed like seconds, the swelling around the scratches disappeared and by the morning the back of my hands were virtually back to normal!!!

I have been using it on my many scratches ever since – oh yes, it works very well on my face too!

Thank you from the bottom of my scratches


Avalon Beach, NSW Australia


Ginseng Hydrator, Aftershave balm, Natural Skin Care productsHi Susan and Danny,

Thank you for sending out my order so promptly – much appreciated.

You may be interested in some feedback about your Ginseng Hydrator. I have very sensitive skin and it often get little nicks and cuts when I shave. I don’t like using aftershave because it often burns and some of the products I’ve used in the past irritate my skin and I end up with a red lower face… not nice.

My wife gave me your hydrator as a birthday present last week and at first I was skeptical to say the least, however, I did use it the next day and to my surprise it did not sting at all. It actually made my face feel less irritated after shaving and even though it cut my self (as usual), the cuts seemed to bleed less than usual. It has a pleasant fragrance and so I don't need to use an aftershave at all.

I can recommend your Ginseng Hydrator and will buy it my self next time.

Thanks for a really great product

Peter H.
Canberra, ACT Australia



Rose Creme, Moisturiser, Natural Skin Care Products,Dear Susan,

Thank you for the tester you gave me last time I saw you. The Rose Cream really works and what I like best about it is the fact it goes into the skin without leaving that familiar oiliness on the skin. It has made my face look so much better, other people are commenting on how well I look.

Thanks again for the tester and I will get a jar off you next time I see you


Canberra, ACT Australia

Natural Skin Care Products, Essential oils, Herbal extracts, Wildcrafted Herbal ProdutsDear Susan,

I have used your Natural Skin Care System for oily skin now for about 2 months and thought you would like to know that your advice and recommendation not only worked, but is also very much appreciated.

As you know, my skin has been oily all my adult life and I have used just about everything I could get my hands on to reduce the oiliness – some worked better than others and these were usually very expensive.

Over the past 4-6 weeks or so, I have started to see a big difference in my skin. I get less pimples and the shininess of my skin is progressively getting better. My skin looks and feels much healthier.

Great products, thanks for suggesting it.

Sincerely yours,


Brisbane, QLD Australia



Natural Skin Care Products, Moisturiser Rejuvenating Night Creme, Essential oils, herbal extracts, Wildcrafted Herbal ProductsDear Wildcrafted Herbal Products

Some time ago I ordered your Anti Aging skin care system. I was a little reluctant, as I had never bought any skin care products over the internet. But the price was very good and I thought I would try it out.
To my relief, the products arrived intact!
To my surprise they really worked! My colleagues at work are constantly commenting on how well I look and ask me whether I had work done on my face!!!


Petra J.
Los Angeles, USA



Papaya Day Creme ImageDear Wildcrafted

Your moisturiser is a hit. Thank you for making such a fantastic product. I was given your Papaya Day Crème as a present but usually do not like using creams that contain fragrances. However, your cream is subtle enough to use with a perfume and the smell is not over powering at all. It is a great products and I can highly recommend it to any women who does not like fragrant creams.

I just had to let you know.

Great job

Angela G.
New York, USA



Rose creme, Natural skin care products, moisturiser, essential oilsDear Susan,

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your products. I use quite a number of your skin care range and was impressed after initially using your Age Defying Essence. I now use the whole system and it has worked beyond my expectations. Not only have I seen a marked difference to the lines on my face, but it enhanced my complexion to such a degree that friends are giving me compliments on how well I look.
Having recently celebrated my 85th birthday, that is a very nice present.

Thank you again

Gwenda L.
Lancing, UK


PicDear Danny

I am very impressed.  I certainly had no reaction and my skin already feels so smooth and soft.  I don't feel I have to wear make-up as my skin has a natural colour to it instead of being pale and washed out.  I understand I have to wait a few more weeks to see true results but so far I love it.  Very happy to have found you on the net.

Leanne, NSW, Australia


Pic2Dear Susan and Danny,

I am so happy with your products, they are really great. My skin has really cleared up now that I'm using the avocado day cream, and of course, I love the body lotion. I really appreciate the time you take to answer emails. It's nice to know I'll get an answer to my questions, and your website is great, very informative.
Thank's again, regards

Janine, Australia




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