Importance of Skin Care: Why should you care for your skin and why choose natural skin care?



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Natural skin care products by Wildcrafted Herbal Products

Importance of Skin Care

Natural Skin Care Products by Wildcrafted Herbal Products

Importance of Skin Care

Skin disorders and premature skin aging occur as a result of a decline in optimal skin function due to a variety of possible factors. Regular skin care routines, involving cleansing, toning and moisturising, have been shown to be beneficial in slowing the rate of skin aging and in controlling or preventing skin problems. Do you know Why?
The Importance of a good Skin Care Regime



Natural skin care is more than skin deep and really starts on the inside.


ProductPicHealthy, beautiful skin is dependent upon:

  • good nutrition,
  • adequate rest and relaxation,
  • sufficient water intake, and
  • fresh air and sunshine.

We now know that the rate of skin aging is dependent not only on genetic factors (i.e. what you inherit from your parents and grand parents) but also on internal stress factors such as diet, as well as exercise and mental attitude.

External stress factors, such as exposing your skin to excessive stays in the sun, extreme climatic conditions, air and water borne pollution and chemicals also play an important part in skin aging and the incidence of skin problems.

Skin disorders and premature skin aging occur as a result of a decline in optimal skin function due to any one or all of the above factors. Regular skin care routines, involving cleansing, toning and moisturising, are beneficial in slowing the rate of skin aging and in controlling or preventing skin problems. So what can you do?

Skin Care Systems for:

Oily Skin
Sensitive/Dry/Mature Skin
Normal Skin
Anti-Aging/Age Defying Systems

Natural skin care systems

Essential oils and herbal extracts contain thousands of naturally occurring chemical compounds that act synergistically (work together) to produce a variety of helpful properties. For example, Geranium oil contains several active compounds, geraniol, citronellol and linalool that have antiseptic and toning properties. These compounds act together (synergistically) to produce the desired effect.

Some essential oils and herbs may contain only one or two major compounds, for example, Chamomile oil contains a high proportion of Chamazulene, a  well known  anti-inflammatory substance. This constituent makes Chamomile the oil of choice for red, irritated and cracked skin, which is why it is included in several of our natural skin care products.

Doesn’t the skin take care of itself and repair itself well enough without any intervention?

Although the skin has its own innate ability to protect itself and repair itself, a good skin care regime can assist this process and protect the skin against unnecessary damage.

Whilst we are all different in the way our skins are affected by our external and internal environments, there are nevertheless, many factors that affect the health of the skin. Some factors can be controlled, others cannot. Uncontrollable factors can be modified by the implementation of a simple skin care regime.


Uncontrollable factors include:

  • Natural ageing. Over time, natural changes occur in the body’s chemistry and these changes effect the function and appearance of the skin.

  • Sun. Potentially one of the most damaging influences on the skin, ultraviolet light from the sun can dry and damage the skin and cause premature aging.

  • Humidity. Lack of moisture in the air (low humidity) can cause the skin to dry out, whilst high humidity creates excessive oiliness. Both extremes interfere with the natural balance of the skin’s functions.

  • Temperature extremes. Excessively cold or hot temperatures together with low humidity remove moisture from the skin surface.

  • Wind: Wind can also have a drying effect on the skin in addition to carrying wind borne dust and dirt that stick to the skin and potentially clog the pores.

  • Pollution: Air borne pollutants can also clog the pores and have the potential to irritate the skin.

Controllable factors include:
  • Sleep: An adequate and restful amount of sleep is a major contributor to regeneration of all body tissues including the skin.

  • Water: Water helps to flush impurities from the system, improve circulation and re-hydrate the skin.

  • Nutrition: Good nutrition, comprising an abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables, provides the vitamins and minerals necessary for the production and maintenance of healthy skin.

  • Exercise: Exercise stimulates the circulation and aids in the removal of impurities and toxins and as well as increasing energy and strength and toning the body.

  • Stress: Physical and psychological stress have long been known to alter body chemistry, especially the type and mix of hormones that are circulated in the blood stream. Too much negative stress causes the body to produce stress hormones that can result in a tendency to skin allergies, blemishes, poor skin tone, dark circles under the eyes and wrinkles!

  • Toxic substances: smoking, caffeine, alcohol and some types of medications can adversely affect the skin resulting in a dull complexion, broken surface capillaries and dry, dehydrated skin.

A simple skin care regime involves three basic steps: cleansing, toning and moisturising.

3 Important steps to getting your skin care regime right
  1. Discover your Skin type

  2. Choose the correct natural skin care system for your skin type

  3. Follow the three-step skin care regime of cleansing, toning & moisturising

Step 1

Step 2

Choose the natural skin care system(s) for your skin type(s)


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