Hints and Tips for Men Who Shave

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Article: Shaving Hints & Tips for Men

Natural Skin Care Products by Wildcrafted Herbal Products


Shaving can result in a ‘bloody mess’. You know the drill, you make your face wet using warm water, apply your shaving cream, use steaming hot water to keep rinsing your razor, then - ouch, here we go again...

Shaving Hints & Tips


Hints and Tips for Men Who Shave

You’ve tried the expensive razors, the cheep razors and you’ve spent a minor fortune on shaving creams and pre-shaving treatments, but the result never seems to change to any great extent.

Well, I know exactly what you are going through, because my result is the same as yours. Well, at least it used to be. In fact I used to have a moustache because I simply couldn’t shave my upper lip unless I wanted to get a blood transfusion.

Here’s what changed my shaving experience.

I married a woman who made her own natural skin care products for her patients and friends, and had the knowledge and experience to make shaving products just for me. Lucky me.

Over time, making little refinements implemented here and there, she created a range of natural shaving products for me that worked very well.

Lucky for you, they are now also available to those of you with similar problems relating to shaving.

So unless you happen to be married to a woman that can make shaving products for you, here’s what I suggest you do.


There are 3 simple steps to reduce if not totally eliminate those nicks & cuts resulting from shaving:

  1. Step 1: Use Wildcrafted’s Vitalising Shaving Gel - rinse your face with warm water - the warmer the better. Then dispense 3 or so squirts of Shaving Gel into your warm hands and work the product into a lather - then apply it to your face. Use a sharp blade (a high quality razor) to shave, regularly rinsing your blade in hot water (don’t ever use cold water to rinse off the blade while shaving). Once you’ve finished shaving rinse off the remaining product.

  2. Step 2: Use one of Wildcrafted’s Toning Lotions, either the Wild Herb Toner or if you have very sensitive skin use the Milk of Roses Toner. Get a cotton wool bud (better yet get some cosmetic pads) and put a dozen drops of Toner onto the cotton pad. Gently rub the pad over the face paying particular attention to the shaved skin area. 

  3. Step 3: Apply one of Wildcrafted’s Ginseng Hydrating Moisturising Lotions all over your face. Squirt about 10 squirts (about the size of a 10¢ piece) of Hydrating lotion into your hand and apply it to your face.


Here’s how and why this works so well.

The Vitalising Shaving Gel is formulated to help your razor glide more smoothly across your facial skin, this reduces friction and helps to avoid nicking your skin or taking off too many layers of skin.

Make sure that you stretch your facial skin so there are no ‘roles’ of skin when the blade runs over the face.

When you’re finished with shaving, use one of the toning lotions mentioned above. The reason for this is that even though there may not be any nicks or cuts you will have removed not only the stubbles, but at least a layer or two of skin - this is dead skin. In doing so however, you’ve also removed the natural oils and what is called the ‘Acid Mantel’ of your facial skin. This is one reason why your skin will start to feel very tight and can get quite itchy after you shave.

If you did nick your skin, the Toners, being astringent, will help to stop the bleeding and close the little cuts.

Using one of the toners does a number of things.

  1. It removes the residue of shaving gel;
  2. Closes up the skin’s pores to prevent further loss of moisture from your skin, and
  3. Reduces blotchiness and soothes skin irritation caused by shaving.

The benefits of this are that if you did nick yourself the toners, being astringents, will stop the bleeding and prevent further moisture loss from the skin.

Follow this with the right Ginseng Hydrator for your skin type and you’ll feel the difference almost straight away. Your skin feels as if it just had a drink after you apply it. The hydrators do just that - hydrate. They put back what shaving takes out of the skin.

Shaving is quite a stress on your skin and while many men don’t have any problems at all with shaving, some of us do. If you follow the steps above and use the products I’ve used, you’ll start to feel more confident about shaving and find it much less of an irritation and pain.

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