Anti Aging Skin Care: What You Need to Know About Anti Aging Skin Care Products

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Article: Anti Aging Skin Care

Natural Skin Care Products by Wildcrafted Herbal Products

Anti-Aging Skin Care: What You Need To Know

Anti aging skin care is more popular than ever and anti aging skin care products are in increasingly high demand. But have you ever asked your self, just what is anti aging skin care and how does it work on those lines and wrinkles?

Anti Aging Skin Care: Article


Anti Aging Skin Care: What is it? How it Works and What to look out for.


What exactly is anti aging skin care?

When we are talking about anti aging skin care, we are primarily talking about skin care products that have been designed to benefit mature or maturing skin. That is skin which is starting to loose its tone and elasticity. Anti aging skin care products are supposedly designed to maintain or boost the aging skin’s tone and elasticity, which means they should contain ingredients that have been found, through scientific research, to help the skin by nourishing it and by providing specific nutrients or substances that will repair, nourish, hydrate and promote healthy skin. At least that’s the theory.


What are these ingredients and how do they work?

Let’s look at a particular product that fits the criteria well. The product includes rich liquid moisturising ingredients, formulated for mature, dry and damaged skin types and contains plant extracts such as Borage and Evening Primrose Oils, that are known to be high in essential fatty acids - building blocks for your skin. In addition the formulation includes anti-oxidants (Wheat germ Oil and Vitamins A & E) and phyto-hormones (Clary Sage and  Wild Yam) as well as Mango butter.

These ingredients have been shown to have rejuvenating, preservative and restorative effects on aging and mature skin types. This product also includes 100% pure essential oils of Sandalwood, Geranium, Patchouli, and Neroli, which are soothing and calming, while oils of Jojoba and Calendula have a moisturising effects. Calendula is a well known healing herb and its remarkable and many beneficial effects on the skin are well documented in the herbal medicine literature.

The manufacturer suggests the product should be used twice daily after cleansing and toning and prior to applying or instead of using your moisturiser.

This is an anti aging skin care formula that actually has the potential to work because the ingredients do have nourishing and revitalising properties and are in fact know for there effectiveness.

However, not all products are made equal. Most of the anti aging skin care products in the market place do not have long term beneficial effects, because they utilise synthesised chemical compounds that provide a superficial short-term benefit - a quick fix. Any positive result is usually only short term and will not last if the product is discontinued. Once the user stops using the product, the wrinkles come back and are usually more pronounced then they were prior to using such anti aging skin care products.

In some instances, unfortunately not many, the manufacturer actually warns the user that if they discontinue to use that product, the wrinkles/lines will come back and may be worse then before.

The difference between these two types of products is quite simple. One is designed to help the customer maintain or even reverse some of the aging effects, the other is designed to mask them - so, which would you prefer?


Choosing a good quality, natural anti aging skin care range

Anti aging skin care is a very lucrative market and consumers are literally spending billions of dollars world wide to keep that youthful look as long as possible. Does it therefore not stand to reason that we would use products that are not detrimental but beneficial to the health of our skin? Does it not make sense to purchase products that help rather then rob the skin of nutrients?

When next considering to purchase anti aging skin care products, you should take the time to find out what sort of ingredients are indeed in the products you intend to purchase - don’t ask the girl behind the counter, she really doesn’t know about the chemistry of products - ring the company, ask to speak to one of the chemists or the product development manager and don’t be afraid to ask questions like: Do your products contain any artificial ingredients, if so, what are they? What are the preservatives used in your products? - Don’t be put off by the names, just listen to their answers and if need be ask them to spell the name, then look it up on the net at: - just type the name of the chemical, eg: Paraben, search field and hit return.

What to look for in your anti aging skin care products

Anti aging skin care should be as natural as possible utilising plant-extracts, essential oils, herbal-extracts and vitamins that benefit your skin. They should not contain artificial, synthetic, synthesised or concentrated isolated ingredients that may actually do more harm than good. Another thing to remember, price does not guarantee quality. Often you are paying more for a name than the ingredients.

Look for names of essential oils, herbs, essential fatty acids and vitamins on the label of your anti aging skin care products and your skin will thank you for it.

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