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Natural Skin Care Newsletter: August 2005 Issue

Natural Skin Care Products by Wildcrafted Herbal Products

Natural skin care products by Wildcrafted Herbal Products Natural skin care products by Wildcrafted Herbal Products


Welcome to the August issue of the Natural Skin Care Newsletter. We couldn't help ourselves and thought we'd include another great Gift Offer for our members - we do value your continued support and so we like to offer you special gifts.

In addition we've included several articles on a variety of topics. Hopefully you'll find something of interest. Remember, we value your feedback and suggestions for future topics so don't be shy and drop us a line or two.


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This month's winner of a Natural Skin Care System
Special Gift Offer

Cancer hope for green tea extract
Physically Active Lifestyle Pays Off Later in Life, Study Finds.
Allergies from the Naturopathic Angle.
Medicinal Properties of Cat's Claw.


August Issue of the Natural Skin Care Newsletter

Join our Natural Skin Care Newsletter - It's fun, free, informative and the only place where we advertise our special offers!!!

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Join our Natural Skin Care Newsletter - It's fun, free, informative and the only place where we advertise our special offers!!!

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Join our Natural Skin Care Newsletter - It's fun, free, informative and the only place where we advertise our special offers!!!

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Join our Natural Skin Care Newsletter - It's fun, free, informative and the only place where we advertise our special offers!!!

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Join our Natural Skin Care Newsletter - It's fun, free, informative and the only place where we advertise our special offers!!!

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Join our Natural Skin Care Newsletter - It's fun, free, informative and the only place where we advertise our special offers!!!

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Join our Natural Skin Care Newsletter - It's fun, free, informative and the only place where we advertise our special offers!!!

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Join our Natural Skin Care Newsletter - It's fun, free, informative and the only place where we advertise our special offers!!!

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Cancer hope for green tea extract

A chemical extracted from green tea could help scientists to develop new drugs to fight cancer.

Tests by UK and Spanish researchers showed polyphenol EGCG taken from green tea leaves inhibits cancer cell growth.

The effect was seen even at low concentrations, equivalent to drinking two or three cups of green tea a day.

However, the study, published in Cancer Research, also found high concentrations of the chemical may increase the risk of birth defects.

We may be able to develop new anti-cancer drugs based on the structure of the EGCG molecule
Professor Roger Thorneley

Previous research has suggested that drinking green tea helps to cut the risk of certain forms of cancer.

The latest study found that EGCG binds to a key enzyme - dihydrofolate reductase (DHFR) - that is targeted by established anti-cancer drugs.

This stops the enzyme from triggering the manufacture of new DNA in tumour cells.

It appears to work in the same way as the cancer drug methotrexate - but in practice would probably have fewer side effects.

Drug development

Professor Roger Thorneley, from the John Innes Centre in Norwich, conducted the research with team from the University of Murcia in Spain.

He said: "This is a very exciting discovery. For the first time we have a clear scientific explanation of why EGCG inhibits the growth of cancer cells at concentrations which are found in the blood of people who drink two or three cups of green tea a day.

"We have identified the enzyme in tumour cells that EGCG targets and understand how it stops this enzyme from making DNA.

"This means we may be able to develop new anti-cancer drugs based on the structure of the EGCG molecule."

Fellow researcher Dr Jose Neptuno Rodriguez-Lopez said: "We decided to look at EGCG because we recognised that its structure is very similar to that of the successful anti-cancer drug methotrexate.

"We discovered that EGCG can kill cancer cells in the same way as methotrexate.

"However, because EGCG binds to the target enzyme less tightly than methotrexate, it should have decreased side effects on healthy cells."

Fewer side effects

Dr Rodriguez-Lopez said the researchers were now using EGCG as the starting point to design and develop effective new anti-cancer drugs that kill tumour cells but inflict less damage on healthy cells.

Previous studies have also linked high levels of green tea consumption around the time of conception and during pregnancy with an increased incidence of neural tube defects such as spina bifida.

These defects are associated with a lack of the key nutrient folic acid.

The scientists said EGCG in green tea would be expected to cause a significant drop in folic acid levels.


- - -


Physically Active Lifestyle Pays Off Later in Life, Study Finds.

Being physically active in middle age helps people maintain higher physical function later in life, according to a newly published study.

“Participation in a physically active lifestyle appears to be critical to preserving high physical function in relatively fit, healthy, middle-aged men and women,” says Dr. Melvyn Hillsdon of University College London and colleagues.

Previous studies have shown that a physically active lifestyle reduces the risk of low physical function among the elderly. Hillsdon and colleagues set out to demonstrate the value of physical activity earlier in life.

Described in the current issue of the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, this study is part of the ongoing Whitehall II project, a study of thousands of London-based civil servants, tracking them forward in time.

The Whitehall II design gave researchers the opportunity to look at a younger, healthier group comprising 6,398 adults, age 39 to 63.

A follow-up period of nearly nine years allowed researchers to associate present physical activity with future physical function.

Using results from questionnaires and medical screenings, researchers analysed physical function, chronic disease history, fitness indicators, lifestyle habits, medical test results and work status.

Participants were classed as sufficiently active, insufficiently active or sedentary.

Sufficiently active participants engaged in at least two and a half hours of moderate activity or one hour of vigorous activity a week.

At the end of the study, the sufficiently active “were more likely to report no limitations in physical function … compared to their sedentary counterparts,” Hillsdon reports.

Even those who started with chronic illness and poor physical function maintained better function with higher activity.

Conversely, being free of chronic illness or disease did not counteract the long-term effects of being sedentary.

A study limitation was that measures of activity and function were self-reported. More objective measures would include walking speed and spirometry, an indicator of lung function.

International guidelines recommend that adults get 30 to 60 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise at least five days a week.


- - -


Allergies from the Naturopathic Angle.

In simple terms, an allergy is a hyperactive response of the immune system to certain substances that are 'foreign' to our bodies. These substances are called allergens, and they can range from food and pollen to drugs and dust. Allergies are something we acquire throughout life, and some people are more susceptible than the others. One must have at least one contact with a substance to become sensitive, or allergic to it.

Conventional treatment of allergies is most commonly directed to block the immune response, or in more severe cases, to suppress the entire immune function with steroids, both topical and systemic. While this approach can provide symptomatic relief, it does nothing to address the underlying cause of the problem. Patients often become dependant on their medication, they suffer from numerous side effects, and most importantly, they worsen their overall health by constantly suppressing the immune system.

Naturopathic therapeutic approach is based on identifying and eliminating the underlying cause of the disease, rather than masking its symptoms. How does this apply to allergies? As we already know, in order to develop, an allergy requires a prior contact with the 'offending substance', where the immune system becomes 'sensitive' and reacts hyperactively to it in the future.

The immune system must literally 'touch' the foreign substance (allergen), and for that to happen the allergen has to penetrate the body's protective barriers, such as skin, intestinal and respiratory mucous membranes, etc. Why do they become permeable and allow the foreign substances to enter our system? There are many components to that, and we will not be considering such occurrences as bee stings with consequent allergy to bee venom. These can be rather classified as 'accidents' and in fact, do not represent the majority of allergic cases.

Most of the allergies come as a result of the decreased integrity of the mucous membranes that become 'leaky' to the numerous foreign substances, along with the repeated exposure to these substances. For instance, weak digestion and poor diet lead to the increased volume of the undigested food particles in the gut.

At the same time, it causes local damage to the intestinal lining making it more permeable to the above mentioned undigested particles. As a result, we end up with a situation where we have the 'overload' of the foreign substances (undigested food that is a potential allergen) along with the damaged intestinal mucous membrane, which is more likely to allow these substances to enter the blood stream.

Once a foreign substance enters the bloodstream, and especially if it does that on numerous occasions, the allergic response can be triggered. By the same logic, poor integrity of the respiratory mucous membrane leads to the increased load of the airborne foreign particles on our immune system. Pollen, dust, perfume, cats make just the partial list in this category.

It is important to remember that the overload of the foreign substances 'attacking' our body and the increased permeability of the mucous membranes create the vicious cycle where they both feed each other. If this situation continues for a long period of time, the person is very likely to become allergic to almost everything, as he/she is no longer capable to prevent foreign substances from entering his/her system.

It has been mentioned that allergies can be acquired and we all have different susceptibility to them, but we can also get rid of allergies without having to 'manage' living with them for the rest of the life. While treatment of allergies has to be supervised by a qualified health care practitioner, here are few general recommendations:

    1. Eat healthy - it minimizes the damage to the intestinal lining and provides all the required nutrients for the intestinal regeneration. Therefore, the intestinal as well as the respiratory mucous membrane will maintain its integrity and won't be too permeable.
    2. Do NOT eat the same thing all the time, practice variety and rotation - it will make the repeated contact with the same foreign substance less likely decreasing the chances of allergies.
    3. Supplement your diet with good quality antioxidants - they maintain mucous membranes' integrity and prevent damage.
    4. Minimize exposure to the environmental chemicals and toxins, including a variety of food additives, cleaning materials, detergents, paints, etc. - they add up to the overall load on the immune system.
    5. Consider a cleansing/detox program.


- - -


Medicinal Properties of Cat's Claw.

Cat's Claw is a tropical vine that grows in rainforest and jungle areas in South America and Asia. Some cultures refer to the plant as the "Sacred Herb of the Rain Forest". This vine gets its name from the small thorns at the base of the leaves, which looks like a cat's claw. These claws enable the vine to attach itself around trees climbing to a heights up to 100 feet.

The plant is considered a valuable medicinal resource and is protected in Peru. Although scientific research has just recently begun to explore cat's claw, many cultures native to the South American rain forest areas have used this herb for hundreds of years.

Current studies show it may have positive effects on, and can boost the body's immune system. With recent fear of HIV, studies on cat's claw have started to move quickly.

The active substances in Cat's Claw are alkaloids, tannins and several other phytochemicals. Some of the alkaloids have been proven to boost the immune system. The major alkaloid rhynchophylline has anti-hypertensive effects and may reduce the risk of stroke and heart attack by lowering blood pressure, increasing circulation, reducing heart rate and controlling cholesterol.

Other constituents contribute anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and anticancer properties. Many treatments combine the herb with different plants and natural products to increase the absorption and bio-availability.

Cat's Claw has long been used as a homeopathic treatment for intestinal ailments. Uses include: Crohn's disease, gastric ulcers and tumours, parasites, colitis, gastritis, diverticulitis and leaky bowel syndrome. By stimulating the immune system, it can also improve response to viral and respiratory infections.

European clinical studies have used the extract from the bark in combination with AZT in the treatment of AIDS. It is also used in the treatment and prevention of arthritis and rheumatism, as well as diabetes, PMS, chronic fatigue syndrome, lupus, and prostrate conditions.

Part Used: Inner bark and root. Capsules, tea and extract.

Common Use: Extracts are used in treatments for a variety of conditions, mostly gastrointestinal. Immuno-stimulant properties help the body fight off infections and protect against degenerative diseases.

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We hope you've enjoyed this month's issue of the Natural Skin Care Newsletter and don't forget to take advantage of our Gift offer before the 15Th of August.

In good health

Danny & Susan Siegenthaler


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