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Questions frequently asked about our Natural Skin Care Products

Natural Skin Care Products by Wildcrafted Herbal Products


We receive many requests for information and for that reason we have compiled a list of the most common ones below. If you have a question, which is not addressed below, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I use your products on sensitive skin What is the difference between 'Organic' and 'Natural' skin care products
Can I get free samples Do you have outlets via shops in Australia
Do you supply products at wholesale How long before I get my order
Can I get a catalogue Do you offer any guarantee

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions




I have very sensitive skin and am looking for products which will not cause my skin to erupt or breakout. Can I use your products even though I have sensitive skin?

Yes you can, because all our products originated in our natural therapies clinic where they were formulated for patients. The products were not designed for mass production or long term storage, therefore, all our products are totally natural from the ground up and are formulated at a strength which will positively affect your skin problems.

Sensitive skin is very vulnerable to irritation and many commercially produced products have to include chemicals which will provide a long shelf-life for products. In most cases, products are designed to last up to 5 years before they actually get to the end user.

Wildcrafted Herbal Products do not have to worry about this, as we produce products in small batches and distribute straight to the end user. No sitting in warehouses for years has to be considered.

When ever you choose a new product, natural or otherwise, make sure you test it on a small area of skin first. That way, if you do have a reaction to an ingredient , you will not it will only affect a small area (you can have adverse reactions to almost any thing natural or not).


What is the difference between an Organic and a Natural skin care product?

Basically, 'Organic' means, that every single ingredient in a product is sourced from an organic grower or a source of raw material is certified to be of organic manufacture, that is, no synthetic or artificial products are used along the supply chain in any way.

For example a Organic Herb supplier will have to have adopted a totally organic approach to growing herbs, use no synthetic fertiliser, no insecticides, pesticides or other form of synthetic / artificial chemicals to grow their crop. Similarly, at the refining stage of the process, no artificial or synthetic products should be added to the herb or herbal extract. In short, there should not be a single non-organic chemical in the end product.

In reality this is almost impossible, drift spray from insecticides, pesticides and other chemical invariably contaminate the plant and soil in which these herbs are grown. Often chemicals for preservation purposes are added to the final product to increase its shelf life and keep it from separating.

The fact is that there is invariably a non-organic component in products labeled 'organic' and the fact is that to be able to claim 'organic' the content of 'organic' material need be only 1% in some countries!

This does vary from country to country and you will need to find out yourself what the guidelines are in your particular country.


Natural on the other hand does not claim to be organic and does not pretend to be from 'organic' sources. However, there is Natural and Natural. That is some companies add a few 'natural' ingredients to an otherwise non-natural base cream or lotion and advertise it as being a 'natural' product.

Natural the way we use "Natural" in our Wildcrafted Herbal Products both for our patients and  for the general public use natural ingredients from the ground up.

We do our best to source raw materials from organic growers. There is however no way of knowing if at some stage in the manufacture, of say an essential oil for example, there where no synthetic or artificial chemicals used at some stage in the process.

It is important to realise that "organic" and holistically-natural is much the same, depending in what country the products are made and what legislation the manufacturer has to adhere to.


Can I get a free sample to try before I buy?

No. Wildcrafted Herbal Products provides a 100% 30-day money back guarantee so that you can buy our products with confidence, knowing that if you are not satisfied with the products in any way, you can return the unused portion for a full refund.

Samples cost money to make and use considerable amounts of natural resources, they also increase the cost of our products to our valued customers.

By us adopting a 'no samples policy', you are not paying for other people's samples and you are helping the environment as we need to produce less products, use less bottles and reduce paper usage for printing labels, all of which keeps the costs of our products down and that means you save money too.

We hope you understand and support our policy to reduce our companies environmental impact and to provide high quality products at reasonable prices to our valued customers and patients.


Do you have any outlets via shops in Australia

Yes, our company owned retail outlet is located in Kurrajong Village, in the lower Blue Mountains.

Kurrajong Natural Medicine Centre & Wildcrafted Cottage
Shop 7, 1147 Grose Vale Rd.
Kurrajong Village, NSW, 2758

  • By selling directly to you our customers, we by-pass all the 'middle-men'. This means you are actually getting the products without all the margins that otherwise would be added to the price.
  • In addition, you receive a fresh product, one that has not been stored and been reduced in effectiveness over time.
  • If you bought our products in a shop, chances are the sales assistant would know only the basic information on all their different product ranges and could not give you all the information you may require. By dealing directly with the creators and manufacturers of the product, there is nothing you can not ask and the information is 'straight from the horse's mouth'.
  • Our customers are distributed all over Australia and New Zealand and it would be almost impossible to have a stockist near you. Rather we've elected to use the internet for your convenience and have included a 100%, 30-day money back guarantee so you can buy the products knowing that if for what ever reason you are not completely satisfied, you can return the product(s) to us for a full refund.

Yes, if you have a clinic or other type of beauty/health related business, we are open to allowing you to stock our products provided you meat our requirements as well as  any government requirements in your country. Contact us by email to find out more.

How long before I get my order?

Generally we aim to fill orders as soon as funds have been received, however, as we hand make all our products, on rare occasions it may mean that we will have to make some of the products which you have ordered which will draw out the delivery time.

The upside of this is that you are always getting fresh products which have not been standing on a warehouse self for months or even years and that the ingredients in the products you have ordered are as fresh as they can possibly be and therefore as potent and effective as possible.

As a general guide:

For delivery of orders within Australia, please allow 2 to 4 weeks. In most cases however, orders are usually received within 2 weeks.

Outside Australia - for orders which require shipping to destinations other than Australia, please allow up to 6 weeks for delivery.


Can you send me a catalogue

Our web site consists of over 500 pages. On these pages we cover all aspects of our products, their ingredients, uses and much more. You can literally create your very own catalogue.

Wildcrafted Herbal Products also has adopted a policy to conserve our natural resources where ever possible and for this reason we do not supply catalogues.


Do You Offer A Guarantee

Yes, we offer a 100% 30-day money back guarantee. If for any reason you are not happy with the products you have purchased, just send back the product(s) and we will refund your purchase price, no questions asked.

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All our skin care products have been developed primarily to help our patients with a wide range of skin care problems for the past 30 years.

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Their combined experience in treating skin and other disorders is well over 50 years and they're happy to help you regain your optimal health.

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