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Stress management is an increasingly recognised cause of many diseases and it is therefore vital that we manage our stress levels on a day to day basis. The books in this section will show you how you can take control of your stress levels and how to become a stress management expert.


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A star in motivational broadcasting because of her long-running infomercial, "Attacking Anxiety," Bassett here offers self-help to sufferers from panic attacks, in a workbook format (with audio cassettes available), interspersed with anecdotes and personal experiences. Revealing her own struggles... From this compassionate and nonreligious book, learn to use the principle of mindfulness to relieve a wide range of stress-related conditions. A quality common to all human beings, mindfulness is a receptive, nonjudgmental, present-moment awareness. a state of focusing attention only on the here and... In Organizing from the Inside Out, author Julie Morgenstern used three main strategies to whip a living space or office into shape: "analyse, strategize, attack." Using the same system, Morgenstern now shows readers how to get rid of chaotic schedules in order to live more comfortable and... Referred to as the "bible of stress management" by students and professionals, Managing Stress, Fourth Edition contains the most comprehensive approach honouring the integration, balance and harmony of mind, body, spirit and emotions. The holistic approach taken by internationally acclaimed lecturer...



Richard Carlson has written numerous books encouraging folks not to "sweat the small stuff", and his title for teens is as warm, wise, and witty as his previous works. His tone is one of an older family friend who manages to advise while still maintaining the minimum level of coolness that teens... Controlling Stress and Tension takes a multifaceted, holistic approach to stress management. The first part of the book discusses the stress problem and our potential for achieving solutions to it. The next chapters examine potential stress-producing elements in everyday life. The remainder of the... If you feel the need to learn meditation but you find that the idea of finding 30 or 40 minutes to meditate is itself stressful, this CD is for you. Short "power meditations" such as these - between three and nine minutes in length - can be highly beneficial for busy people. Each practice teaches a... "God knows we need help in how to deal with difficult people. Let Sandra Crowe be your earthly guide." --Ken Blanchard, co-author of The One-Minute Manager

Do certain people have you gritting your teeth, biting your tongue, and (metaphorically, at least) banging your head against the wall? Do you...


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