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Tai Chi is a series of meditative and self-healing movements based on Chinese teachings over 6,000 years old, Tai Chi literally translates to "The Grand Ultimate Way of Life" as taught through movement. Also a Martial Art, Tai Chi is generally practiced as a non-contact, non-competitive sport for focus, self-awareness, health and relaxation. The slow, rhythmic movements are very effective in returning the skeletal structure, muscles and organs to their natural alignment.

Qigong (chee-GONG) is a current name for what was formerly known as Taoist breathing exercises that date back nearly 5,000 years. Qi means energy, the energy of the universe. Gong means to gather with skill, thus qigong is to gather energy from the universe with practiced skill. There are over 3,000 forms of qigong; tai chi, more commonly known is but one form. Like tai chi, qigong appears to be a gentle slow rhythmic movement, usually done while standing.


Tai Chi and Qigong
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One of China's top-ranked coaches to Tai Chi provides an illustrated guide to the 24 and 48 postures, including tips on breathing, aligning the body, and developing Chi. Martial applications are also surveyed in a presentation notable for its many step-by-step black and white photos which excel in...     This book is an introduction and a reference guide to the study of Tai Chi Ch'uan. It offers inspiration to the beginner, and for those already involved in Tai Chi it is a source book, opening the way to a study of the philosophy that gives meaning and substance to the exercise. The book features...


Now for the first time, qigong training is available in a comprehensive home-study curriculum. You will learn more than 70 qigong practices for harnessing the massive power of qi to create vitality, spiritual balance, and physical health. Complete kit includes: a 100-page, weekly workbook of... Qigong (ch'i kung) is the modern incarnation of a Chinese energy art that goes back over 2,000 years. With superior scholarship and scientific acumen, The Way of Qigong covers the entire range of theory and practice, including relaxation, meditation, massage, therapeutic touch, and postures. Qi... Invigorate your body, improve blood and Qi (vital energy) circulation, and strengthen your internal organs with these simple Qigong exercises. This book presents the foundation theoretical theory for the two most popular methods of meditation, Small Circulation and Grand Circulation.


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