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Gentle Eye & Lip Crème

Wildcrafted's Gentle Eye and Lip Crème is formulated to hydrate and smooth the skin around the lips and eyes. Apricot, Calendula and Arnica oils have been blended together with Vitamin E to produce a soft, light and non-irritating moisturising crème.

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There are many conditions associated with the sensitive skin around the eyes. Some of the more common ones are listed and briefly described below.

The skin around the eyes is particularly sensitive and often reacts to allergens, especially artificial and synthetic chemicals. Many of these conditions can be avoided or alleviated by using natural skin care products in preference to non-natural, synthetic skin care and cosmetics.

Conditions such as contact dermatitis, atopic dermatitis as well as some of the other conditions listed below will benefit from using Wildcrafted's natural skin care products.

Where blockages of skin pores and ducts are involved, using a daily skin care regime together with a weekly deep cleansing mask and occasional exfoliation (once or twice a week) can often clear up the skin and help clear any blockages in ducts and pores.

Skin Care for Skin Conditions Around The Eyes






Common Skin Conditions Around The Eyes

Eyelid Contact Dermatitis

Eyelid cosmetics and cleansers are usually used on the eyelids or eyelashes. These can cause an irritant or allergic reaction in patients sensitive to such cosmetics and cleansers. Patients will complain of itching, burning and redness. Signs of contact dermatitis include blistering, redness and scaliness. If an allergy is suspected a patch test can be done to confirm an allergy and to ascertain the causative cosmetic or chemical responsible. Avoidance of the cosmetic will cure the condition.

Eye drops, contact lens and medicaments may also cause eyelid contact dermatitis. If you have eyelid dermatitis you should consult your doctor who will prescribe some creams and refer you to a dermatologist for allergy test if necessary.

Gentle Eye & Lip CreamBy using natural skin care products specifically formulated for the sensitive skin surrounding the eyes, you can avoid many of the problems referred to above.

It is important to minimize the amount of synthetic chemicals your skin and body are exposed to. Make sure you choose natural skin care products for your sensitive skin


Atopic Dermatitis

Atopic Dermatitis is a genetic skin disorder. Patients with atopic dermatitis often have eyelid involvement. The skin may be red, scaly and sometimes oozing. Itch is common.

Sometimes the eye lining and eyelids are also affected in atopic dermatitis and a sore eye may result. There is watery eye discharge and patients may find their eyes sensitive to light. If the eyelid or eye itself is affected your doctor will prescribe some eyedrops and creams for you. Creams will help.

Many patients are also allergic to housedust. Housedust may aggravate their eye inflammation·
Bacterial Skin Infection (Impetigo or Conjunctivitis)

Like skin elsewhere, the eyelids can be infected by bacteria. The eye will show a thick, sticky yellow discharge and the eyelids may be red with yellow crusts. Impetigo is most commonly seen in children. Good hygiene and antibiotics are needed to clear bacterial infection.


Natural Age Defying Skin Care SystemBy using natural skin care products specifically formulated for the sensitive skin surrounding the eyes, you can avoid many of the problems referred to above.

It is important to minimize the amount of synthetic chemicals your skin and body are exposed to. Make sure you choose natural skin care products for your sensitive skin


These are flat to slightly raised yellowish plaques on the upper and lower eyelids. They are associated with high blood cholesterol or triglycerides level in about 20% of people with this condition. Sometimes there will be a family history of similar problem. The xanthelasma can be excised surgically or by laser or chemical treatment. Such lesions may recur. Patients with high cholesterol or trijlyceride should have their lipid level controlled before surgery.

Causes, incidence, and risk factors

Xanthomas are common skin disorders, particularly among older adults and persons with elevated blood lipids (fat levels).

Xanthomas are deposits of fatty materials under the surface of the skin ranging in size from very small to more than 3 inches in diameter. They may be a symptom of metabolic disorders that are linked with an increase in blood lipids. Such conditions include diabetes, primary biliary cirrhosis, some types of cancer, and inherited metabolic disorders such as familial hypercholesterolemia. They may appear anywhere on the body, most commonly on the elbows, joints, tendons, knees, hands, feet, or buttocks.

Xanthelasma palpebra is a common type of xanthoma that appears on the eyelids.


These are tiny skin coloured growths on the eyelids. Several family members may have the same lesions. These growths are harmless. They are enlarged, under developed sweat glands. Syringomas usually appear during adolescent and adulthood. Most people choose to leave these skin growths alone. These can be removed surgically by laser or excision for cosmetic reason.

Skin Tags

Small outgrowths of skin can be seen around the eyes and the eyelids in some individuals. Similar skin outgrowths are often seen on the neck and chest. These growths are skin coloured and harmless. Treatment is not necessary but they can be easily removed surgically for cosmetic reason.


Milia is seen in a newborn infant as tiny, white, elevated spots in the skin. On occasion, there may be a narrow red halo around the base. This is a normal and self-limiting condition of the newborn and disappears over a period of months.

In adults, these are small white or yellowish white skin growths often seen on the eyelids or temple. They are very small and resemble millet seeds. They can be removed surgically for cosmetic reasons.They represent obstructed sweat ducts.

Dark Rings Round The Eyes

Darkened pigmentation of the eyelids are common in many dark skin individuals. In many cases the darkening seems to vary with stress or lack of sleep. This condition is benign and may be inherited or constitutional. It is not a sign of any illness. Treatment is unnecessary. There is no effective treatment against the condition.

Naevus of Ota

Capillary malformation (CM), usually referred to as a port-wine stain or nevus flammeus, is the most common type of vascular malformation. As a congenital malformation of the superficial dermal blood vessels, CM is present at birth and grows in size commensurate with the child; it remains present for life and has no tendency toward involution.

Past nosology of this lesion has resulted in much confusion, and an excessive number of descriptive terms have been applied to it. Confusion originated from difficulty in differentiating vascular malformations from vascular proliferative lesions, such as hemangiomas, and from the use of wholly clinical descriptions in categorizing these lesions. Vascular malformations are categorized by predominate vessel type, such as arterial, venous, lymphatic, capillary, or complex (a combination of different vessels). Although some CMs may be associated with other vessel malformations, most occur alone as venulocapillary malformations.

This is a birthmark that occurs at birth or shortly after birth as a patch of blue black discolouration on one cheek, temple and eyelids. The pigmentation of Naevus of Ota can be reduced by pigment laser surgery. Patients will require multiple treatments at 2-3 monthly interval. Only the pigmentation on the skin can be treated.

Strawberry Naevus

These are vascular birthmarks. It can appear as a large red soft growth on the eyelids. The growth will continue to enlarge and grow as the baby grows old but the growth will slowly regress spontaneously when the child is 3-4 years old. If the vascular growths are small, they can be left alone to await spontaneous regression. If large and encroaching on the eyelid, vision may be affected. They should then receive treatment. Treatment options include oral medication, injections and laser ablation.



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