The Benefits of Eating Fish

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Fish for Food

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Fish is lower in saturated fat, total fat and calories than comparable portions of meat or poultry, the experts note in the February issue of the Mayo Clinic Women's HealthSource. Some species of fish -- such as fatty, coldwater fish including salmon, mackerel and herring -- are high in omega-3 fatty acids. This type of healthy fat, also found in anchovies, sardines and lake trout, appears to help prevent blood clots that can cause heart attacks.

Diet Hints & Tip: Eating Fish
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Benefits of Eating Fish

While people have been relishing delicious sea food for centuries, it is only in the recent past that studies have brought out the benefits of eating fish. Demand for fish has surged as they are highly nutritive and inexpensive. Fish can be cooked to suit different tastes that will satisfy the most demanding person on earth.

Fish is lower in calories than the same portion size of beef, and it's very high in protein. Those practicing healthy eating are working toward reducing their calories and maintaining nutritional values. Fish is considered a perfect food with its high protein, and low calorie ratio. Few foods can make that claim. Remember not to slather tartar sauce or other high calorie and fat condiments onto your fish. Instead, use herbs and healthy marinades.

Other pluses of fish besides high protein are potassium, B- complex vitamins, selenium, iron, and other trace minerals. Some of the fattier species also are rich in vitamins A and D. The low sodium content is another reason to consider fish in your healthy meals. Doctors and nutritionists recommend that you eat more fish. Avoid the breaded and over processed frozen fish sticks you see at the grocer's.

You may have a doubt as to whether fish is high on cholesterol like other meats. Fish to your surprise is a relatively safe food as it contains very less cholesterol and saturated fats. Research indicates that certain fish varieties in fact help in the reduction of cholesterol, which makes it an ideal food when compared to other variety of meat.

Some types of fish, such as salmon and trout are high in omega-3 fatty acids. This is typically what is referred to when people talk about good fats. Omega-3 is also found in flax seed oil and many people take supplements to ensure they are getting enough of this fatty acid. Why not up your intake of these types of fish each week, it's a much more enjoyable way to get your omega-3s.

Omega-3 has been seen to help the body recuperate from various illnesses and to maintain health. Omega-3 helps in avoiding and curing you from high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, hardening of the arteries, arthritis, and even hair loss. Many researches on Omega-3 have established their beneficial features which should propel you into including fish in your daily diet for healthy living.

Fish is not only a great healthy choice for meals, but it's also very affordable. While some fish is slightly more expensive, such as wild salmon and halibut, most are fairly inexpensive. You can create some great dishes with fresh fish that even your little ones will enjoy.

As you can see, fish is a great choice for anyone wanting to make a positive change in the way that they eat. Be sure to find recipes that don't add butter and creamy sauces to your fish recipes as the calories can add up quite quickly. Fish is easy to prepare, and you can make some unique meals that your entire family will surely enjoy.

Brent Symmonds is the chief editor for Fish HH, the best place on the internet for information about fish,

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