Scientific Research Articles into Skin Care and Skin Related Issues

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Scientific Articles on Skin Related Issues

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Articles presented here are scientific publications from the scientific literature. They look at a wide range of research into skin related topics ranging from the effect of various medicinal plants to therapeutic methodologies.

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List of Scientific Research Articles on Skin Related Topics:

Euphorbia peplus a plant with prospective anti-cancer properties
Skin cancer is a growing problem in Australia and world wide. Skin cancer is most often associated with over exposure to the sun and resulting sun damaged to the skin's cells, causing changes in DNA of the skin cells...

The possible role of essential oils and aromatherapy in the treatment of acne vulgaris
This article is on Acne vulgaris and the possible role of essential oils and aromatheray in the treatment of this skin condition. It reviews the scientific literature behind these topics and suggests a number of essential oils that may be effective in the treatment of acne...

Diabetes: Treatment with Herbal Medicine
Diabetes is a growing health concern particularly in the western world and where it is often associated with obesity. Despite numerous preventive strategies and medical treatments, 300 million people are expected to develop non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus (NIDDM) by 2025 worldwide (Scheen, 2000 and Seidell, 2000). As a result, a growing number of people are turning to alternative therapies including herbal medicines.

Aromatherapy in the management and treatment of rheumatoid and musculaskeloetal autoimmune disorders
Essential oils and other  aromatherapy preparations can bring relief to many of the problems experienced by patients diagnosed with disorders in the rheumatoid family...

Clinical Aromatherapy in AIDS
Aromatherapy is generating renewed interest among scientists. While aromatherapy has long been an established field in alternative medicine, orthodox medicine has been very slow in adopting and using essential oils as an adjunct therapy. The following article looks at the potential use of essential oils in the treatment of opportunistic infections associated with AIDS...

Homeopathy, Hahnemann, and The Lancet 250 Years On: A Case of the Emperor’s New Clothes?
Homeopathy has its champions and critics alike, however it is amazing how sometimes the skepticism defies reason or fair play, even at the highest level of academia. The article below is a good example of how ever academia can be ruled by emotions...

Healing Potential of Datura alba on Burns
Datura, also known as Thornapple is, like the Henbane, a member of the order Solanceae. It belongs to the genus Datura, which consists of fifteen species, distributed throughout the warmer portion of the whole world...


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