Should You Be Concerned About What You Put On Your Skin?

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Natural skin care products by Wildcrafted Herbal Products


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Natural Skin Care Products by Wildcrafted Herbal Products


Natural substances come in all shapes and sizes. Some are good for us and some not. Over the years we have started to pay more attention to what we eat and drink, but both skin and personal care products can be just as good or bad for us depending on what hidden ingredients they are made of...

Skin Care Products are Just Like Food




Should You Be Concerned About What You Put On Your Skin?

Nature provides natural substances for almost every human need: food, drink, medicine, clothing, building materials, you name it, and nature is only too willing to supply.

When we think of natural substances, we think of 'free from artificial junk', natural, not synthetic or man-made. Obviously, there are time when man-made materials can be very handy, plastic for example is a man-made material that has many uses and has found its way into almost every aspect of our lives. It would be difficult to imagine modern life without it, however, we don’t want to eat it, do we?

Yet when it comes to the foods we eat, the drinks we consume to quench our thirst, and the various skin and personal care items we use in our everyday lives, we don't seem to think about whether or not these contain artificial or synthetic ingredients. But we should. Why? Because our bodies are designed to be able to absorb, digest, utilize and eliminate natural substances, not synthetic or man-made artificial 'stuff'. Now this in not true in every case, however, the human body is a natural biological organism that evolved to handle naturally occurring chemicals.

The problem with the use of non-natural ingredients in foods, etc., is not that they will all harm us every time we consume them, but many will accumulate in the body tissues and cannot be eliminated by the body and are therefore stored. Eventually, they may accumulate sufficiently to start doing us harm. This, by the way, is not exclusive to man-made chemicals, lead is a natural substance that, if in sufficient quantities present in our bodies, will lead to lead poisoning.

So why would we actually choose to use products in our daily lives that have the potential to poison us? For example, many commercially available skin care products are full of synthetic chemicals that are potentially poisonous. Yes, some are even derived from natural sources. For example, Parabens are derived from benzoic acid. Benzoic acid is derived from the gum of Benzoin. So, to some extent, parabens are a product of nature. However, often it is the isolated, concentrated chemical constituents that have the potential to become  a problem.

In natural skin and personal care products it may at times be necessary to use a preservative to increase their shelf-life, however, if the products contain sufficient quantities of 100% pure essential oils, for example, the antiseptic properties of these oils is usually sufficient to preserve the product, depending on the oils used.

Over the past few decades, consumers have become much more aware of artificial colouring, flavouring and the use of artificial preservatives in the foods they are buying; and rightly so. However, when it comes to skin and personal care, this seems to have been forgotten and only few people are aware that many of the same artificial substances are being used in these products, which are rubbed onto the skin and in many instances absorbed into the body. In other words it is as if they had been eaten. Now, if we do not want these substances in our food, why then do we indirectly choose to consume them anyway by using skin and personal care products that are full of them?

Almost every day we receive emails from visitors to our web site asking about a particular skin condition or specific skin problem they are experiencing. In many cases the skin care products used by the person making the enquiry is either not natural at all, or simply contains one or more natural ingredients in an otherwise commercially manufactured base cream or lotion. More often than not, there are several potentially toxic ingredients listed on the label of the products they use and often the skin problems are at least lessened by changing their products to truly natural skin care products.

Over the past two decades or so we have started to pay much more attention to ingredients on food and drink labels, so much so, that Health Food Stores have become a mainstream business. Indeed the concern about what ingredients are going into the production of fruits and vegetables has lead major supermarket chains to introduce an ‘Organic’ section in their groceries departments. You can now even buy organic meat. Yet, as stated earlier, we do not seem to care much about what we put onto our skin. Maybe this is simply because most people are not aware that much of what we put on our skin ends up in our blood stream, just like the foods we eat, and is circulated through our body.

The next time you are purchasing your skin care products or shampoos, etc., stop and have a look at the ingredients list, and if possible, ask a few questions before you buy the products. You could be doing you health a very big favour.

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