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Skin care is more than just applying skin care products to your face in an attempt to keep your facial skin looking young and beautiful. Caring for your skin involves all of your skin from head to toe, because your skin provides several vitally important functions and plays a major role in your over-all physical health.

Skin Care Article


Skin Care Does Not Stop At The Neck


Danny T. Siegenthaler

Facial skin care is considered a must by most women and that is why the cosmetic industry is worth billions of dollars world-wide. In other words, women and to some extent men are spending significant amounts of money on their skin from the neck up, but are largely ignoring the rest of their body’s skin. Why?

I suppose, the answer is that we want the skin that we present to the public to look good and don’t really care so much about the skin they can’t see. Whilst this is perfectly understandable, it is not very clever. Here’s why.

The health of your skin is not just determined from the neck up; after all, the face and neck make up only a small percentage of the skin’s over-all area. Neglecting the skin from the neck down may well end up being a costly mistake.

Have you ever noticed that most of the common skin conditions do actually not occur on the face? Even acne is often not isolated to the face and neck but can involve the chest, upper arms, back and other areas of the skin.

The various forms of eczema and dermatitis too are more often found on the body’s limbs rather than the face, although it may also present on the face, neck and scalp.

The point is that our focus should not just be on our exposed skin areas, but should also include the skin that is usually covered by clothing such as the arms, legs, back and abdomen.

Granted, you might not want to use the same intensive daily skin care regime on your body as you do on the face, after all you’re not putting makeup on your tummy, but a daily moisturiser, a weekly all-over body scrub and the occasional body wrap is a good idea and makes a lot of sense.

Using a moisturising lotion that contains nutrients and ingredients that benefit your body’s skin has the same benefits as the moisturising day/night cream you put on your face. Similarly, using an exfoliant to rid your skin of excess dead skin cells will help your body’s skin to ‘breath’ better and absorb the nutrients from the moisturiser more readily. Your skin will look and feel much healthier and not have that ‘silvery’ dull look to it.

Obviously if you’re still in your early to mid-twenties you might not see these signs yet, but if you’re over 45, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. The key here is not to wait until you see these signs, but get started now on your over-all body skin care program.

Remember, it is much easier to keep your skin healthy and looking good, than wait until you develop skin problems and unhealthy looking skin before you start caring for it.

Total skin care starts from the inside out.

These days even some cosmetic companies are latching onto what we’ve been saying for decades. But providing nutrients for your skin should not come in the form of a pill. It should come in the form of healthy, unprocessed food. Meals should contain primarily fresh vegetables, salads, whole grains and lean meat, fresh fish and some quality dairy food.

In addition, you need to consume sufficient amounts of water (over 2 litres) each and every day. Why? Simple, because your body requires this amount to work properly and perform all of its metabolic functions well. If you do not provide this amount of water (and I don’t mean in the form of tea, coffee or alcohol), the body will take it from tissues inside the body that are high in water content. One of these tissues is the skin. Sub-clinical, chronic dehydration is actually very, very common... Dry lips ring a bell?

Getting the Most From Your All-over Body Moisturiser

The primary objection to using good quality, natural body moisturisers is that they’re not cheap and because you need to use quite a lot, they don’t last very long.

Here’s a little trick or two on how you make your natural moisturising lotion last longer:

  1. Apply your moisturising lotion to moist skin after you shower or have a bath. This will help spread the product further and therefore make it last longer. You’ll also need to use less because the moisture on your skin will mix with the creamy lotion and make it go further.
  2. If your body, and therefore your skin, is fully hydrated, your skin will also require less moisturiser!

So, next time you look at your bathroom shelf and don’t spot a natural all-over body moisturiser, put one on your shopping list. Your skin will be ever so grateful.


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