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This Article Directory contains articles written by Danny and Susan Siegenthaler who together have over 40 years of experience in the field on natural medicine. Danny is a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine and his wife Susan is a medical herbalist who has taught hundreds of student in medical aromatherapy and herbal medicine.

These articles draw on their years of clinical experience and provide the reader with high quality information about natural skin care and related topics.

Articles in this directory cover aspects of natural skin care, alternative medicine, health, beauty and fitness. They provide insight into various aspects of natural health and raise topics and issues within these industries.

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Index of Natural Skin Care and Health Related Articles:

Exfoliation: The First Step of a Daily Skin Care Regime
Exfoliation is the first step in your daily skin care regime. There are however a number of important considerations you should be aware of - should you use a chemical or mechanical for of exfoliation? What type of ingredients should be in your Exfoliant product?

Seasonal Effects on Your Skin
Seasonal effects on your skin depend on your skin type. Different skin types will be effected differently by each season throughout the year.

The Fitzpatrick Skin-Type Scale
This article introduces the reader to the Fitzpatrick Skin-Type Scale, which is a series of charts to self-assess skin type. This type of skin assessment is primarily of use in determining the initial amount of UVA to use in treatment of various skin conditions.

Should You Be Concerned About What You Put On Your Skin?
Natural substances come in all shapes and sizes. Some are good for us and some not. Over the years we have started to pay more attention to what we eat and drink, but both skin and personal care products can be just as good or bad for us depending on what hidden ingredients they are made of...

Cultural Differences in Skin Type: What You Need to Consider in Caring for Your Skin
Cultural differences in skin type require slightly different approaches. African american skin is dark brown or black, southern Europeans have olive skin, while people in northern Europe have white, fair skin. Each of these culturally different skin types require a slightly different approach to skin care...

How To Identify The Cause of Your Skin Problem
You may have skin that is itchy, irritated, sensitive, or burning, you've tried everything and you may even have sought medical help. But no matter what you do, nothing seems to make any difference. Now what?

Natural Skin Care Products and the Potential Risk from Newly Developed Nanotechnology-based Ingredients.
Have you heard of Nanotechnology? Do you know what Nanotechnology is? Did you know that you may well be using Nano-based chemicals in you daily life and may even be putting it on your skin and in your mouth?

3 Key Steps to Radiant Beauty
Beauty is much more than just skin deep and true beauty comes from within. There are simple steps, which anyone can follow to look and feel more beautiful.

Anti-Aging Skin Care Products: No More Lines or Wrinkles in Just 7 days?
Do you really believe that an anti-aging skin care product you apply to your face can make your skin look 10 years younger in 7 days? Probably not, but you should...

Natural Skin and Personal Care Products are Gaining Popularity
Almost every week there is a new media report concerning potentially toxic chemicals in skin and personal care products. Consumers World wide are becoming increasingly alarmed about the chemicals in their personal and skin care products, as well as their cosmetics.

Natural Skin and Personal Care Products: How Natural Are They Really?
You may have realised that recently more and more skin care, personal care, cosmetics and similar products are claiming to be 'Natural', but what is natural? Does it referrer to everything contained in the product? Does it just referre to some of the ingredients only, or is a single ingredient, which was isolated from an originally natural source, the only thing that is natural about the product?

Caring for the Different Areas of Your Body's Skin
Most of us look after our facial skin on a daily basis. Why? Because it is on display to the world, however ...

Exfoliants and Exfoliation - How it benefits the health of your skin
Exfoliation is an important part of skin care. Irrespective of whether you have dry or oily skin, the health of your skin will benefit by regularly including exfoliation in your daily skin care regime.

Cellulite: What is cellulite and how do you get rid of it?
Cellulite is an irregular accumulation of fatty cells immediately underneath the skin, which leads to a dimpled appearance known as cellulite or ‘orange skin’... 

Rosacea (Acne rosacea): A Common Skin Disorder
Rosacea, some times also referred to as Acne rosacea, is a recurring inflammatory skin disorder, usually isolated to the area of the nose, cheeks, and forehead.

Natural Face-lift with Acupunture
How Acupuncture can give you a Natural Face-lift.

Trends in Skin Care for 2007
Trends in skin care for 2007 will see continued, increasing demand for natural skin care products, as well as a demand for qualified Acupuncturist specialising in Cosmetic Acupuncture.

Toxic Ingredients Used in Skin, Personal and Hair Care Products
This article discusses some of the more hazerdous and toxic chemicals you will often find in your skin and personal care products. Take a very close look at the lables of your skin and personal care products, including your hair shampoo and conditioner, and see if any of these potentially toxic chemicals described here are listed...

Clays, Clay Masks and the Uses of Cosmetic Clays in Skin Care
Facial clay masks are primarily used to remove dead skin cells from the surface of your skin. Clay masks are also used to remove dirt, stale oils, grime lodged in facial lines, wrinkles and pores and are useful in treating many conditions such as severe acne, rosacea, sunburn, radiation- or chemotherapy-exposed skin, eczema and psoriasis...

Natural Skin Care Treatment: Just what is a natural skin care treatment?
A natural skin care treatment is any type of skin care treatment that utilises natural products or methods of treating the skin. For example using a loofah to exfoliate the skin is a natural skin care treatment method...

Botanical Skin Care: What is botanical skin care and how does it differ to herbal, organic or natural skin care?
Botanical skin care, natural and organic skin care are terms we are hearing more and more often, but do we understand what these terms actually mean and whether there is a difference between them?

Anti Aging Skin Care: What You Need to Know About Anti Aging Skin Care Products
Anti aging skin care is more popular than ever and anti aging skin care products are in increasingly high demand. But have you ever asked your self, just what is anti aging skin care and how does it work on those lines and wrinkles?

Acne: What is Acne - Why do you get it - and How to control it?
Are you fighting off the ever pressent pimples and zits, but are not getting the results you want? This article describes what acne is, why you get it and how to get rid of it.

Back-to-Basics Skin Care Tips
Almost daily we are bombarded with a new skin care product and are told that if we use this product than our skin will look younger, smoother, more attractive...

Sun Protection, Sunscreen and Sun Damage
There are two types of ultraviolet rays that have the potential to seriously damage our skin both in the short and the long term...

100% Natural Skin Care Products: Are you being mislead?
When you see the phrase Natural skin care products, what do you think is being promoted? Products containing natural ingredients perhaps? Skin care that is based on natural rather than synthetic ingredients? Of course - natural skin care products are products that are made exclusively from natural ingredients and nothing else. Or are they?...

How Natural Are Your Natural Skin Care Products?
The term Natural is being used and in fact abused. Natural this... Natural that... and we are supposed to believe that because the word natural precedes the product type, that everything about the product is natural. Mostly, it's not...

Sensitive Skin: A natural approach to sensitive skin
Sensitive skin is just that, sensitivity of the skin to natural and non-natural chemicals and pollutants. Sensitive skin is a problem especially for women who are exposed to chemicals contained in their skin and personal care products, their perfumes, and cosmetics...

Skin Care: Fitness Program for Your Skin (Part I)
Fitness program for your skin. Learn how to maximize the health of your skin by following a step-by-step skin care program

Skin Care: Fitness Program for Your Skin (Part II)
Achieving healthy, vibrant and youthful looking skin, requires a program that utilises several aspects to skin care, ranging from using natural skin care products to drinking sufficient amounts of water and eating the right foods.

Do You Want Good Quality, Safe and Effective Skin Care Products that Actually Work?
Women want good quality, safe and effective skin care products that actually do what they claim. Don't they? Of course they do. But...

Shaving Hints & Tips for Men
Shaving can result in a ‘bloody mess’. You know the drill, you make your face wet using warm water, apply your shaving cream, use steaming hot water to keep rinsing your razor, then - ouch, here we go again...

Skin Patch Test
An easy, safe and effective test you can do at home to test whether or not you are allergic to a skin or personal care product.

How and Why You Should Use Natural Skin Care Products
Natural skin care and associated natural skin care products are becoming increasingly more popular. There are however many traps consumers are falling into and this article is written to help you understand how and why you should choose and use natural skin and personal care products.

Top 10 Causes of Contact Dermatitis
Dermatitis comes in many forms. One of the most common causes of dermatitis is when skin comes in contact with an allergen. An allergen is a substance that causes an allergic reaction.

Farnesol and Your Skin
What is Farnesol? I hear you ask - fair question. Farnesol is a natural substance contained in some essential oils such as rose, orange blossom, and in herbs such as Lily of the valley. Farnesol is reputed to smooth wrinkles and increase skin's elasticity...

Skin Care: Why Should You Bother to Take Care of Your Skin?
Skin care is much more than just buying expensive skin care products and hoping they’ll keep the skin looking healthy and young. The skin is a living, breathing organ that reflects the body’s general state of health, irrespective of what skin care products you choose to use.

Skin Care Is Not A Luxury, It Is a Necessity
Skin care is a vitally important part of maintaining good health generally. If you want to maintain good health into your seventies and beyond you must pay attention to and care for the health of your skin.

Skin Care Does Not Stop At The Neck
Facial skin care, considered a must by most women, is why the cosmetic industry is worth billions of dollars. Women are spending significant amounts of money on their skin from the neck up, but largely ignoring the rest of their body’s skin. Why?


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