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Skin Care is as important for men as it is for women

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Men's Skin Care

Men's skin care is equally important as skin care for women. The process of shaving does stress the skin and slapping on some After Shave is not the complete answer. Men's skin is thicker and oilier than Women's and requires a good natural skin care regime.

Men's Skin Care Regime



It's a guy thing:

If you are 50 years old and have been shaving your face since starting to grow a beard you have dragged a razor blade across your face in excess of 9000 times… Yes, that much shaving and tugging at your skin combined with the irritations, nicks and cuts add up to significant need for skin care and repair. Slashing on some after-shave is not going to do the trick.

“Men’s skin is quite different to that of women’s” according to Susan Siegenthaler, director of research and product development for Wildcrafted Herbal Products, Sydney, Australia. “The fact is, men’s skin is thicker and oilier than women’s and has to put up with considerable irritation from daily shaving”.

That said, Susan insists: “that there is no need to go over board and spend hours going through complex skin care regimes to keep men’s skin looking and feeling great. Three simple steps, followed faithfully, can substantially improve the skin’s look, feel, health and vitality”. "Of course, it's also important to excercise, eat healthy, fresh food and get adequate rest". Says Susan


1. Cleansing your skin before you shave:

“First, throw out your traditional soap bar – it’s too harsh, dries out your skin and is full of synthetic chemicals which do nothing positive for your skin. Use warm water to wash your face and instead of using soap bars, choose a gentle cleansing gel to remove stale oils and dirt from the skin that doesn’t remove the natural protective acid mantle”, Susan suggests: “try a gentle exfoliant such as the Skin Renewal Gel from Wildcrafted Herbal Products, which contains herbs, essential oils and other ingredients to deeply clean pores, promote blood circulation and remove dead skin cells”.

2. Shaving

Susan suggests, “shave right after you wash your face, because the warm water makes your stubbles soft and easier to shave, or better still shave under the shower. Traditional shaving creams tend to be harsh on the skin and do not in them selves benefit the skin. They are designed purely for the purpose of shaving”, Susan explains. “The benefits of replacing your harsh shaving cream with a natural alternative, like the Vitalising Shaving Gel developed by Wildcrafted Herbal Products, is that not only do you lubricate the skin to assist in shaving, but you add vital nutrients and oils that are absorbed by the skin. The oils and herbal extracts contained in our products are designed to prevent nicks and cuts and sooth the skin preventing shaving rash, while at the same time nourishing and hydrating the skin. I formulated this particular product for my husband, Danny, because he has a very sensitive upper lip and used to cut himself constantly," explains Susan.

3. Tone and Moisturise

Susan insists that: “Toning and moisturising is critical for men. The shaving process irritates and stresses the skin and leaves it quite vulnerable”. “Toning closes the pores, preventing loss of moisture and invasion of dirt and bacteria”, explains Susan. She continues: "The formulae of our toning lotions are all designed to re-establish the skin’s normal pH and prevent dehydration of the skin".

"Finally a moisturising crème such as the Ginseng Hydrator for Men is ideal to help repair and give back to the skin what shaving takes out. It is a must for any man that cares about the health of their skin."

Skin Renewal Gel - Exfoliant
Vitalising Shaving Gel
Toner - Wild Herb Toner
Ginseng Hydrator - Moisturiser

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