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Article: How to make your own skin care products - Moisturisers

Natural Skin Care Products by Wildcrafted Herbal Products

Making Your Own Natural Skin Care Products

To make your own natural skin care products can be as easy or as difficult as you would like to make it, depending on whether you're just wanting to make a cream or lotion for yourself or create a range of natural, organic skin care products which you want to sell in the market place.

This article will look at how you can make your own natural skin care products for your own use, rather than make you a cosmetic chemist.

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Why make your own when you can buy 100% natural and organic skin care products made by qualified Medical Herbalists and Aromatherapists with decades of experience?

How to Make Your Own Natural Moisturising Creams



How To Make Your Own, Natural Skin Care Products

Before You Begin

Before you get started however, you need to know what skin type(s) you have. The page on What is your skin type will help you to identify your facial skin type(s). More often than not you will find that you probably have two skin types. For example you might have an oily T-Zone and otherwise normal or even dry skin. So it is important that you first establish which skin type(s) you have before you start making your own natural skin care products.

Now that you know what your skin types are, you can embark on making your own skincare products. The first thing you need is a base-cream. This is the base of the product into which you will add other ingredients. Base creams are easily obtained. You can pay a visit to your local chemist or drug store and purchase some Sorbolene cream with 10% glycerine. Or you can purchase more sophisticated base creams (at a price) from suppliers of cosmetic products.

Alternatively, you can buy a moisturising cream that already contains cosmetic butters and other goodies for your skin, such as the Moonglow Day Crème from Wildcrafted Herbal Products, which has no particular fragrance, but is a 100% pure, natural day crème to which you can add your favourite essential oils to make it your own.

Which ever way you choose to go with your own natural skin care products, you now have a base cream into which you can add essential oils, herbal extracts or cosmetic butters, etc.


How to Choose Your Ingredients

Skin Type
Cosmetic Clay
Yellow Clay
Green Clay
Yellow Clay
Red Clay
Red Clay
Other ingredients
Melissa, Orange blossom, Lavender and most other essential oils
Avocado oil, Lemon, Grapefruit and most other citrus oils.
Frankincense, Neroli, Chamomile, Aloe vera gel
Chamomile, Calendula, Lavender oil, clary sage, etc.
Rose, Jasmine, Geranium, Neroli, etc.
Fruit/Vegetable Extracts
Avocado, Papaya

Obviously this is not an extensive or complete list of possible ingredients, but it will help you get started. Once you gain experience, you can experiment and become more creative.

The more ingredients you add, the more difficult it will become to keep the cream from separating. So at least to start with, keep it simple.


Finding the ingredients

Your local health food store is a good place to start. Most reputable health food stores stock a variety of common essential oils and may well be able to order specialised ingredients for you.

Herbal extracts may be a little more difficult to come by, but a visit to your local herbalist may provide you with what you want for your skin care products. You’ll need to explain to them what you wish to do and why you want to purchase herbal extracts from them, but in all likelihood, they will be happy to help and may even give you some additional advice.

If you wish to add fruit or vegetables to your cream such as cucumber, avocado, papaya, etc., you’ll need to use a blender and make sure you blend these into a smooth paste, before adding them to your own, home-made skin care products.

Keep in mind what you want as the end result. That is if you want a cream, then be sure not to add too much of the various ingredients, especially the fruit/vegetable paste, other wise it will be more like a fruit salad rather than a cream.

If you are making your own natural skin care lotion, than adding distilled water or vegetable glycerine will help to thin it out.


How Much Ingredient You Need to Make Your Own Natural Moisturiser

The amounts given below are a guideline and are intended to result in approximately 500 g. of  cream.

Essential oils: 20-30 drops in total

Herbal Extract: This will depend on the herbal extract you are using, but for herbs such as Burdock, Yellow dock and Echinacea, you would use no more than 10-15 ml in total.

Vegetable/Fruit component: 0.5-1 Papaya with removed seeds and skin, 1 Avocado with its seed and skin removed or 1 Cucumber with its seeds and skin removed.


A word of caution:

If you are going to use herbs in your natural skin care products, make sure you know what they do, their potential side-effects and learn as much about the herbs you intend to add as possible. Herbs and essential oils are powerful substances and if not used correctly may do you more harm than good. Think of them as pharmaceutical drugs - you wouldn't just add these to your skin care unless you knew exactly what they will do and how you'll react to them, would you?
If in doubt, leave it out!!!

So, now you are well on the way of making your own natural skin care products - enjoy and most of all have fun.


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