Dry Skin - Prevent Dry Skin By Adopting The Right Skin Care Regime.

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Natural skin care products by Wildcrafted Herbal Products


Prevent Dry Skin by adopting the right Skin care Regime.

Natural Skin Care Products by Wildcrafted Herbal Products

Skin Care for Dry Skin

Dry skin, also referred to as Xerosis, is a common problem for many people. Skin care for dry skin requires moisture in order to maintain the skin's smoothness and suppleness and especially during winter, this can be particularly difficult. In addition, adequate moisture in the skin is important in maintaining the pH balance of your skin.

During winter, people prone to dry skin, need to be particularly alert and aware of the factors that contribute to drying of their skin. For example, in our attempt to keep warm, we use central heating in the home, heat the car and of course the office. This all contributes to drying out of the skin and the potential to develop skin problems such as eczema or dermatitis.

To counter act dry skin, adequate fluid intake become very important as the dehydrating effect of heating needs to be over come and loss of moisture needs to be replaced.

Prevent Dry Skin By Adopting The Right Skin Care Regime



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Skin Care for Dry Skin

Simple daily routines, such as bathing, showering and towel drying, may actually promote dry skin. This is because the heat from the shower/bath will open the pores of the skin and thus lead to loss of moisture. You may wish to modify your bathing routine to help preserve your skin's loss of moisture, however, we all need to have showers/baths.

To some extent, bathing provides the skin temporary moisture, but it removes the skin's ‘Acid Mantel’ (protective layer), opens the pores of your skin and in the long run, causes more moisture loss than gain. Particularly if you use commercially manufactured soap, which by nature has a drying effect on the skin.

If you do need to use soap, make sure it is of a neutral to slightly acid pH, as your skin is slightly acid and an alkaline soap will disturb the pH balance. In addition, make sure there are no harsh chemicals contained in your soap, as this will remove the ‘Acid Mantel’ and cause your skin to dry out.

Caring for dry skin requires the use of a correct skin care regime and the application of natural skin care products to counteract the drying of your skin. By following the suggestions below, you will reduce the dryness of your skin and promote a healthy vibrant complexion, all over:

Step 1: As explained above, do not wash using soap, it dries out your skin! – Instead, use an exfoliant, such as the ‘Skin Renewal Gel’ from Wildcrafted Herbal Products, followed by Wildcrafted’s Hydrating Cleanser to keep your skin from drying out unnecessarily and remove the layers of dead skin cells.

Product1The Skin Renewal Gel uses finely ground pumice, grains, Yellow Clay, finely ground Oatmeal and Tea Tree Powder to gently remove superficial dead skin cells and surface impurities. The combination of essential oils of Neroli and Chamomile, soothe the skin, leaving it clean, smooth and feeling fresh and invigorated.

The exfoliation process is important, as you don't want to apply creams or lotions to dead skin cells. Once excessive layers of the dead skin cells are removed using cleansers, toners and moisturisers will be more beneficial to the skin.


Product2The Hydrating Cleanser is formulated for Normal to Dry, Mature and Sensitive skin types. Wildcrafted’s Hydrating Cleanser contains essential oils of Rose, Chamomile and Geranium with Glycerine and oils of Coconut, Almond and Shea Nut Butter to cleanse, soothe and hydrate the skin. Rose and Chamomile are soothing and calming to the skin, while Geranium tones and improves the general appearance of the skin. The combined actions of glycerine and coconut, palm and almond oils have a hydrating effect on the skin and maintain moisture in the skin, preventing dryness.

This special formulation makes Wildcrafted Hydrating Cleanser perfectly suited for dry, mature and sensitive skin types and should be used before toning and moisturising as part of a daily skin care regime.


Step 2: Apply a toner to prevent loss of moisture from your skin – Many people often neglect this step, yet it is a very important, especially if you have dry skin. Toning lotions, such as Wildcrafted’s ‘Milk of Roses Toner’ provides essential oils and herbal extract that help to close the opened pores and prevents loss of moisture.

Product3Milk of Roses Toner calms, hydrates and tones your skin, without drying or irritating effects, through the actions of Rose, Calendula, Glycerine, Witch hazel and Aloe Vera. Wildcrafted’s Milk of Roses Toner should be used after cleansing and prior to moisturising the skin, to remove any remaining cleanser and prepare the skin for the moisturising phase of your daily skin care regime.

Using a toner as part of your daily skin care regime to treat your dry skin is a key step. Toning not only removes residual cleanser, but its astringent formulation will close the pores of the skin thus preventing further loss of moisture.

If you have dry skin, you do not want to loose more moisture than is necessary and using a toner is especially important to get the results you want. Don't miss this very important step.


Step 3: Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise. – This cannot be stressed strongly enough. Moisturising will not only nourish your skin, but it will help to reduce loss of moisture even further, thus preventing dry skin, as well as repair damaged skin.

Product4Wildcrafted’s Papaya Day Crème, for example is a good illustration of using essential oils and herbal extracts to re-hydrate the depleted skin and nourish it to help protect is from loss of moisture.

Wildcrafted’s Papaya Day Crème is a creamy moisturiser for dry and mature skin types. Papaya fruit and Mango Butter are blended with Vitamin E, Wheat germ, Sesame and Coconut oils to restore and hydrate the skin while essential oils of Frankincense, Patchouli and Neroli soothe and calm dry, sensitive skin. Wildcrafted Papaya Day Crème should be applied daily, after cleansing and toning for best results.

Dry skin can also be itchy and become very sensitive, often resulting in eczema and dermatitis. This is definitely to be avoided. The prevention of excessive loss of moisture to prevent dry skin is imperative to prevent further complication of dry skin.

Symptoms such as itching, flaking of the skin, cracking and scaly skin all point to you having very dry skin and this requires attention. You will seriously need to look at the amount of water you are not drinking, as this is beyond just using a good skin care regime, although it does help.

Water needs to be consumed at 3 litres per day, no less, because that is what the body uses to maintain proper metabolism. So whether you are physically active or not, you will need to provide the body with at least 8-10 glasses of water every day to just to maintain the status quo and prevent your skin from drying out.

Of course if you are physically active, you will need to considerably increase this amount to replace the water loss through sweating. Making sure you have sufficient mineral salts in your diet can also help to prevent dry skin. I am not referring to Table Salt, but the salts present in celery and other vegetables.

As you probably know, sweat is slightly salty and these are the salts you need to replace. Celery is a vegetable high in mineral salts and should be included in your salads and sandwiches.

In conclusion, combining a high quality natural skin care regime with an adequate water intake and a diet high in vegetables, which contain mineral salts and trace elements will help you to combat dry skin.


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