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Anti Aging Cream: How To Find One That Works

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How Do You Know If Your Anti Aging Cream Is Working

Anti aging creams are becoming more and more popular and almost every woman over 35 is using some sort of an anti aging cream. Even some of the more concerned men are using an anti aging cream on their face. But how do you know whether your anti aging cream is actually doing what the company promoting it promises?

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Well, how do you know?
In the short term, you don't. That's right. Let me explain. There are probably several hundred anti aging creams available on the market today. Each one is supposed to reduce wrinkles, smooth out lines and generally make you look younger. Most of them sell their anti aging cream on the bases that it contains some 'miracle' ingredient which will reverse the aging process of your facial skin. Few will tell you that their cream needs to be continnually used and if you stop using it, the lines and wrinkles will come back very quickly, and often in even greater number.

Unfortunately, most of the anti aging creams on the market today are based on synthetically derived substances, or contain a concentrated, refined natural ingredient, which they claim to be the answer to your lines and wrinkles. They show us beautiful women that don't look a day older then 25, if that, and we are supposed to believe that if we use their product, we will have skin that will resemble the model's shown on the packaging or on TV.

So you decide to buy the anti aging cream and use it religiously on your face. After a few days, or maybe a week or two, you start to notice that the lines and wrinkles are indeed fading. Or at least you wish they were, but no, you can see a difference and even some of your friend are confirming that your skin looks good. Well, that's what would happen if the anti aging cream you bought actually worked. As I said, the problem is not necessarily whether they work at first or not, most will do something to make your skin smoother or look less wrinkled, but actually all they are doing is covering the symptoms. That is they are not reducing the lines, they are not nourishing your skin, they are not promoting the health of your skin and they are certainly not going to leave your skin looking younger should you stop using the product.

The only anti aging creams that do work are creams which have an organic and holistic approach to their formulations. No I don't mean the ingredients are necessarily organic, I do mean that the concept used behind formulating the product and the way the ingredients are used is of an organic nature. That is to say the ingredients are not isolated concentrates of medicinal plants, minerals, fruits or some other natural product. An organic approach to formulations would use the whole fruit or plant, not just an isolated product like a fruit acid (papaya fruit acid is often used in skin care products to peel off the dead skin layers and is often preferred to as AHA (alpha-hydroxy-acid)).

An holistic approach takes this one step further. That is the ingredients are formulated using a philosophy based on knowledge of how our body works, how our skin works, what nutrients are required to help our skin maintain its health, what herbal extracts will stimulate blood circulation, collagen and elastin fibre production and so on.

Most of the anti aging creams we are sold do not have either of those philosophies contained in them. Usually it is some artificial chemical, which will temporarily give us the impression that the product actually makes our skin younger, but that is not the truth. It only makes it LOOK smoother for a short time. As soon as you stop using it, back come the wrinkles and lines quicker than you can say "anti aging cream".

Ok, so how do you identify a potential anti aging cream that will actually help your skin maintain its health, nutrient status, improve blood circulation and promote hydration of your skin? The first thing you have to do is start reading the labels on the products. Look for words that include numbers - mostly these are isolated ingredients that may or may not be natural. Become familiar with some of the names of highly questionable ingredients. You can find a list at: in Skin Care.html. It's a long document and full of chemical names, but worth taking a look at and maybe printing out for referrence purposes.

The next step is to look at the other ingredients which are listed on the lable. Are there any essential oils or herbal extract listed? Can you find out easily what is in the product? For example, Wildcrafted Herbal Products make an Age Defying Essence. Their website allows you to click on the names of the ingredients and this will take you to a page which clearly tells you what this ingredient is. You will not find any ingredients containing numbers, which tells you that the ingredients are not of a synthetic nature and are not isolated from natural sources such as medicinal plants. They actually contain the medicinal herb in the product.

here are other companies which use a similar philosophy Clare le Dor, for example, however, very few companies will have medical herbalists formulating their skin care range and fewer still will have originated in a natural therapies practice. In addition, you may wish to consider why the products are being made. That seems like an obvious question - to sell to the public of course. Well, not necessarily. Wildcrafted Herbal Products were not made to sell to the public, they were made to provide patients of the natural therapies clinic with a personalised product to address their particular health problem.

It was the public that wanted to buy the products after they had been given what was left in a jar originally prescribed to one of our patients. Our patient's problem was resolved and they gave the jar to a friend or family member who complained of a similar problem... Not really advisable, but that is how Wildcrafted Herbal Products came to be. The skin care products we were making for our patients who had various skin problems became more and more popular and we started having to make bigger and bigger batches. Now, the products have been found by people all over the world and we never advertised a single product todate. Only recently did we start a website and this is the only place were we promote our products.

This is not to blow our own trumpet, but to help you in your search for truly effective skin care products. Many companies claim to have natural skin care products, but what philosophy is behind making the products they sell - mass marketing of skin care products to anyone who will buy them, or helping people with skin problems overcome them? Are they handmade or are they mass produced? Can you get a personalised formulation made just for you, or not? Can you get information from a herbalist at the company as to how you should approach your specific skin problem?

Most of the time the answer to these questions will be a resounding no. Why, because most companies who produce skin care products make them by the thousands if not tens of thousands and there is no way they can make a specialised product just for your skin condition. They can not change the quantity of ingredients or customise it just for you, nor do many have a qualified medical herbalist on staff or involved in the formulation of the products. Usually this is left to chemists. Chemist are experts in dealing with chemicals, but their knowledge of human physiology or disease processes is, to be kind, limited.

With the above information it should now be possible for you to find skin care products or an anti aging cream that will work for you.

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