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Qi Gong and Tai Qi (Tai Chi) share a common philosophical background. Qi Gong movements are like Tai Qi, slow and graceful, rhythmical and balanced. Exercises are short with repetitious movements. Consisting of stretching, breathing, and meditative posture exercises, Qiqong help to stimulate and balance your internal energy (Qi). Qi is responsible for the healthy functioning of the body. Daily practice of Qi Gong is rewarding, resulting in a healthy mind, body and spirit.

Qi Gong versus Cancer


My successful battle with Cancer!

Li Zhen Ming, 1998


My successful battle with Cancer

Twenty three years ago, due to the pain in my leg, I went all over the country to seek medical help but to no avail. I visited practically all the major hospitals I can find and at last, at the province of LiaoLin, city of BuXin peoples’ hospital, I was diagnosed with having Cancer of the Bone.

My principal doctor recommended immediate surgery to save my life. The point of amputation is high up near the hip joint. After the operation, tests showed that I had a type of caner that dissolves the bone and is considered to be the most malignant and aggressive form of cancer.

I was at the peak of my youth and I had to face this ‘fact’ squarely. All day long, I was in a state of hopelessness, I would wake up in the middle of the night from nightmares. Thoughts of suicide often crossed my mind. I was on the verge of breaking down mentally. Then I heard about qigong and it’s effectiveness in battling cancer. From then, I began my Qigong journey in battling cancer.

Practicing Qigong pulled me from the edge of death into a new life. It had not only made me a healthy person but also delivered me from being a sickly and handicapped person to one that could be useful to society once again.

Six months after the surgery, I went back to the hospital for my first check up. When the doctor read my report that stated. “Everything Normal”, he didn’t believe it. He asked in great disbelief, “What kind of Magical medications have you been taking?” Only then did the confirmation came to me, that qigong had indeed made ‘magical’ changes within my body because I knew that the doctor was aware that there wasn’t any medicine that could help my condition. This made me even more resolute in studying Qigong and Medicine. 

When my health gradually recovered, I went around seeking knowledge from well known medical doctors and learnt more and more about qigong and medical healing. Under the guidance of my master teacher, I stayed home in my room for three continuous years of practice. Finally my body underwent a thorough change. Later, I went to the Qigong Training Centre for advance training which allowed me to have a deep understanding of the art of Qigong Science.

I became pretty good at qigong healing and was hired to teach and administer healing at my home city’s Qigong Science Research Association. Because of the extraordinary results achieved, I was invited to speak at the 3rd and 4th national qigong science exchange symposium. The resulting resounding response led to the invitation to teach and conduct healing throughout more than twenty provinces of China, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, Hong Kong and other places. Tens of thousand have benefited from my works directly.

I share my story to give encouragement to all the cancer victims. There is hope, cancer victims can be useful members of the society. - Li Zhen Ming, 1998


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