Chiropractic care for treating headaches.

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How can Chiropractic care treat headaches?

Chiropractic care is not just used to treat aching backs and stiff musculosceletal structure. It can treat a variety of systemic disorders based on the idea that when nerve supply to various organs is optimal, organs can and will function better and health can be restored to the patient.

This articles looks at how Chiropractic care can treat headaches without the use of drugs using techniques that re-align the bones of the neck.



Chiropractic Care for Headaches


Visiting a chiropractor to get help with your headache problems is common. Chiropractors successfully treat headache sufferers without using any medication. The main cause of many headaches is actually problems with the spinal vertebrae in the neck. The reduction of neck muscle spasm following a chiropractic adjustment or manipulation to the cervical spine helps to relieve the pressure on the vertebrae and spinal nerves. An adjustment is a fast but short thrust aimed at one or more vertebral joints. This method has been found to be quite effective in the treatment of headaches.

The muscles at the back of the neck near the base of the skull often become very tender and sore with the onset or progress of a headache. These small, but powerful muscles, are attached to the fibrous lining of the scalp. This fibrous structure is called the aponeuorsis and is located under the hair and skin covering your head. Tension and tightness of these muscles exerts tension on this aponeurosis and gives the feeling of pressure over the scalp or of a band around the skull or the feeling that someone is standing on your head. Chiropractic adjustments are effective in reducing the tenseness of these muscles, thereby reducing the sensation of pressure around the skull.

Subluxation (also known as spinal misalignment) results in irritation of the nerves.  Chiropractic treatment can reduce this irritation through adjustments and manipulations.  Through chiropractic treatment, you can get relief from irritations of the muscles and tissues of the upper neck, and also the inflammatory irritation that is caused by the spinal nerves of the upper cervical spine.

The quick and usually painless way a chiropractor relieves a headache is reason enough to seek this form of treatment. Instead of visiting your medical doctor for prescription medication or injections of medicine that make you drowsy, a chiropractor treats your headache and you can go on with your daily activities. In addition to treating the pain, chiropractic care for headaches works to prevent future headache episodes. However, the chiropractor will ascertain that your headache is the result of spinal nerve and vertebra problems.

Another factor that goes in favor of chiropractic treatment is that fact that is accepted even by insurance companies. As a result you can gauge the reach and credibility of this treatment making it as creditable as treatment through a family physician of course without the ills of it such as expensive medication.

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